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Continue Cutting or Start Bulking?


What do you guys think I should be doing now? Keep cutting or start bulking?


Bulk like it ain't no thing.





The crap.


Threads like these are so boring.


Start bulking.

/thread, please.


Bulking. You're not fat enough yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Bulk dude. BTW, I'm insanely jealous of your clavicular width. No homo.


first cure your jaundice...


why is that a good thing? I thought it looked weird how it sticks out like that


unless ur doing camera tricks how much leaner do u want to get.. time to bulk homes


crappy cell phone camera


bulk fo sho son...


well I figure I have a good year+ of bulking, probably more like a few years of clean bulking. I know that you will generally lose abs and put on bodyfat during a bulk, so I figured I might as well get to the lowest possible bodyfat before I start bulking, so I have more buffer room for when I start putting fat back on?


keep cutting till all ribs are clearly visible. maintain for 3 years, then continue to cut further.

...Id say you look about ready to start gainin some mothafuckin weight!


Yeah, shoobey. Im in a similar boat to you and I think that's a good plan.


You are already at a very low body fat, which will make it easier to guage how well your bulk is going (whether you are putting on too much fat too quickly).

Stop cutting.


That's why you need to slap some mass on there, broseph.


forget about bulking and cutting...

I think the best mentality to have is...How much food do I need to eat so I can get stronger on my exercises...

Your entire goal should be to get stronger in that 6-12 rep region...Personally, if I'm not eating a lot, I can't gain strength at all...some people need to eat less...some people need to eat more...it's a very personal thing...

Don't get trapped in the endless cycle of bulking then cutting then bulking then cutting...It doesn't work...I've tried it several times now...I always lose strength and then end up bulking right back to where i started...not making any progress strength wise...after enough times, I realized that my only concern should be to eat enough to continually gain strength...


I am currently 5'7 and 140 lbs. My goals are just go be as big and cut as I can be naturally. What weight do you think would be good as an initial bulk goal, before I would have to cut again?

As far as being cut vs. big goes, being cut is a little more important to me. Probably 70/30 with cut/being big, as far as how important each one is to me.