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Continue AI Between Cycle and PCT?

So Pct should start 2 weeks after your last dose of cycle… so my? Is during this two weeks, before Pct starts, should I continue arimidex? Using nolva for pct, but I’m worried about estrogen rebound during the 2 week dry period. And I was also told to completely discontinue A once pct starts ?

If you are noticing estrogen issues on cycle then the week after you stop pinning you can continue with the arimidex but at a lower dose. By the second week after you stop your levels should be low enough that you don’t need any AI but everyone is different. If you happen to just be one of those guys that aromatizes test from just looking at a bottle of test 250 then maybe that second week you could take a very reduced dose of AI. Like 1/4 of what you took on cycle or around that amount. Just remember your body needs some Estrogen and if you take too much AI you will crash your levels and feel like crap.

Really estrogen rebound is kind of a theory to explain what happens to a very few of us. There really is no hard proof as I understand it.

Really if you are really worried about it and just wanted to be extra careful then that second week don’t take any AI but instead take like 10mgs of Nolvadex every other day. That 10mgs will protect you from possible gyno and really it’s probably the better choice for dealing with possible estrogen issues at that point in time. You really do not want to tank your estrogen going into PCT. You will already be feeling tired and drained as the synthetic test leaves your body don’t make it worse.