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Continuation of Cycles

I do not want to be a massive guy. I just want a ripped muscular body. I’ve been cycling on and off for a while now.
My goal is to look ripped with a body weight of 90kgs.
My question is, how do I continue my cycle once I reach my desired condition…Do I continue the same cycle agan and again?
Or, do I need to change things up with same dosages?

how tall are you, how much do you weigh now, and what is your estimated bodyfat?

how much progress have you made in the last 5 -10 years in the gym as far as your physique goals are concerned? Are you naturally lean, average, or fat?

what do your usual cycles look like, and what is your biggest cycle you’ve run?

These would be relevant questions to help you get to your goal, and also to help you maintain a given physique.

It would be nice to have a picture of your goal physique as well, since ‘ripped’ is somewhat ambiguous. you might mean 6 % bodyfat, you might mean 10.

For some people, ‘90kg and ripped’ can be maintained without drugs at all, particularly if you’re tall. That’s essentially what my size is, and if I didn’t care about making more progress, I could probably run 500mg test/ week indefinitely and stay in this shape I’m in now, with no additional drugs, particularly if I improved my diet and exercise (neither are perfect).

On the other hand, if you’re very short, that weight is harder to attain, and keep, and may require more drugs. If you’re very prone to fat gain, certain drugs are useful in maintaining a lean physique outside of just testosterone.

that’s a good place to start.

Thank you for the reply. I am 27 years old, 5feet 9inchs, I weight 76kgs currently, and 16% body fat. Been lifting since 10years.
I am new to steroids. My 1st cycle was test only. This time I’m doing test and dbol.
I was just wondering about where to stop actually.
I know its not as simple. But what if, say I have gained 100kgs and I want to stop now and I’ve reached my desired goal.
100kgs can not be maintained naturally I’m sure.
How to maintain that and not get any bigger?
Lazer anglov, Simeon panda, Sergi, how do they do it?

I don’t know what they do, and nobody will be able to tell you for certain. I know that I am 5’11, and weigh almost exactly 90kg. I believe that to STAY at this level, I would just do what I stated above. But to get to where I am now, I’ve run as much as about 1.5g of total steroids per week, at times. I’ve used a few different orals, mostly dbol, and I’ve run deca, tren, and eq. Eq is my favorite out of those. But test and dbol are the foundation of my physique.


So, I think my body may not quite be on par with the guys you mentioned, but I imagine it’s close. You mentioned 3 of the absolute top guys. It’s HARD to reach that level, and then maintain it. Genetics also play a huge role in how this all works. I’d assume they are running more drugs than just, say, 500g test per week.

Instead of worrying about maintaining a physique like that, though, focus on what it takes to GET there. That’s where the real work comes in. You’ll be able to figure out what’s necessary to keep a body like that on your own, if you ever make it to that point.


I appreciate the help bro. Thank you very much.
You’re in great shape and I’m sure you are bigger than you look in the pic.

Damn that is a great physique!!!

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Looking good my fellow bearded brother

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Have you ever run a cycle with eq and deca together? I’m considering low t around 200 and eq at 400 and deca at 300.

I have not, but it sounds like fun.

Something else I’ve never done that I should probably give a try is low T, in general. I always run T higher than everything else. Like right now, I’m just running 750 T and 600 EQ. And it’s been fantastic so far, maybe my favorite/most productive cycle I’ve run since my first one. But it would be nice to not be thinking about sex 24/7, lol. So maybe lower T would be a good idea in the future. I may try it later this year, I’ve kinda already got my next 3 months planned.


Awesome man. I usually run my test lower than every other drug. I love 300 mg t 600 mg eq

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My current cruise is pretty good so far, it’s that 200 test 100 deca. Pretty good, last week was the final week of my other esters this week I can tell that I’m retaining a good bit of fullness, maybe my body likes nandrolones.

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