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Contest Winner!

Thanks to all who entered the “Do You Really Know T-Mag?” drawing!

Answer: E. They are all true. Really.

A) TC has a naked picture of Bill Phillips’s girlfriend hanging in his house.

True. This was a gift from Ami Cusack herself. It’s a classy B&W photo and hangs near the stairs.

B) Tim Patterson has been known to open and close switchblades in meetings.

True. Usually it’s a $500 Microtech automatic similar to the one featured in the movie Mission Impossible.

C) Chris Shugart once taught an abstinence-based sex education class.

True. Chris taught this class to fulfill his teaching credentials for his Psychology degree.

D) Christian Thibaudeau’s parents are both psychologists.

True. His father even spent some time as a sports psychologist.

And the winner is John DeVito from New Jersey!

Congrats! Your <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>Biotest Surgeand Testosterone T-shirt are on the way!

Thanks! Testosterone and Biotest KICK ASS!!!

Congrats, John! Enjoy your goodies!

Thanks Jester! I never win anything…this is so cool!

Enjoy John, SURGE is the BOMB!

John, you lucky devil, you!

Out of 234 who posted a reply, you’re the winner?!?!?


I didn’t know HALF this stuff! Is “T-Mag 101” going to be offered again so I can at least Audit? Or should I get the notes from a classmate?

Thanks Burke and TT! Like I said, I never win anything! This is a first! Now why can’t I just win the lottery?? :o)

I like T Mag even more knowing that Tim is a knife fan. Microtech’s kick major ass.