Contest Winner - Ian King Idea

Remember the “Tell Ian King What To Do” thread, where you guys got to make suggestions for King’s next article?

Ian chose an idea by Jason Norcross and will be writing a full article on correcting strength/muscle imbalances.

Good job, Jason! You get a bottle of RED-KAT and a T-Nation shirt!

Hey, no fair!!! I gave the same idea!!!

Bah, whatever.

nervous chuckle Seems I chose to instead give Ian a pat in the back instead of writing down my idea.

Wow! This is fantastic. Not only do I get to test drive Red Kat, but Ian’s going to cover a topic that I’m very interested in. Thanks again to both Chris and Ian - I’m looking forward to what’s to come from both of you.

nice, definitley something i will look forward to.

Ian’s articles are always interesting. Looking forward to hearing more from him.

Nice job there Jason!

I call PHOTOSHOP!!! hehehe :slight_smile:

What’s the topic?

Yeah Jason, thanx for posting MY idea…

In all seriousness, thanx for writing it down. I obviously didnt, so its nice to know someone managed to convince King to write about a very undeveloped topic. I’ll be looking VERY forward to this article.

I hope to god itll be very detailed. Itd also be nice if King also covered symmetry imbalances - see, my right lat is NOTICEABLY larger than my left one, but strength levels are the same for each side on one-arm pull-ups. Id just love to know how to correct this. This is just a little bit of minutae though.


Technically, and I mean very technically…I think he is also doing my idea. If you look closely, you will see that Ian will be getting off his lazy Aussie bum and writing an article. My idea. PM me for my address to send the Red KAt (I’ll just take that since my idea was broader)…I’ll be waiting patiently.

I said martial arts training. Martial artists can have muscular imbalances. Do I win?

I hope there is something in the article that relates muscle imbalances to injuries. I have a knee injury at the moment and my physio says it is due to weak support muscles…