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Contest where??

Im trying to find drugfree/prohormone-free Bodybuilding competitions for teens in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area. Damn that was a mouthful. Can anyone help point me in the right direction of a website? location? Any information would be most helpful and appreciative.

This might help:


I compete with the USBF and NGA also some NABBA shows. I am in PA and go to shows in New Jersey ,Maryland and DC.
Try www.usbf.net or www.naturalmuscle.com
www.steelejungle.com and www.NABBA.com

You can also check out: www.getbig.com

They have links to just about all the bodybuilding federations out there, including drug-tested and natural federations.

Hope this helps.

As posted earlier here, www.naturalmuscle is a decent site. Check it out and good luck with your endeavors!