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Contest Prepping and Macros

How important are macro ratios when it comes contest prep/cutting as opposed to being in a calorie deficit? Do you feel there has to be a good balance or is hitting adequate protein for muscle retention enough?

Edit: Does your opinion change if it is a contest prep as opposed to just getting lean? Reason being that a contest prep has a time frame and carbs, sodium, will effect body composition in terms or water retention etc.

Having gone through my first prep, I firmly believe both macros and caloric amount are equally important! I used to think it was caloric amount being most important. Not anymore!

In contest prep, macro allotment is very important. For some guy just bulking or doing a lifestyle diet, it is less so, and most people in that phase do not count every morsel going in their mouths, even the ones who we think are. After prep, I am going back to portion control. Counting and counting is unsustainable for most.

@BrickHead in your opinion what would be the BF% threshold in which macro allotment does not have to be as rigid? 10%-12%

I think what @BrickHead is saying, and I agree, is if you’re NOT prepping and just trying to lean out some, macro ratios aren’t as vital. If you’re in a prep, macros matter big time. Each individual is different and it takes time and constinency to find what works best for you in terms of ratio. It’s not like if you’re leaner macros matter “more,” if you’re trying to just lose some fat focus on calories most importantly and keep macros in check. But in a prep macros should be meticulous.

Even not on a contest prep, some people might lose weight more with lower carbs if they are more insulin sensitive, some people can still keep a lot of carbs with a higher glycemic index and lose weight. So even if you’re just trying to lean out macros may not have to be as meticulous but you should still roughly be aware of how many protein, fat, carbs are getting and what your body tolerates well to get the best results.

I get that but, I was also wondering if there was a point in BF% in terms of leanness where macros would have to be paid closer attention to. Just as it was discussed in the other thread what would be required in terms of training to look athletic. Genetics will play a role i.e insulin sensitivity but, it is fun to speculate.

Likely once you reach 10% there is going to have to be more tinkering. And the lower in BF you go, the less you can cut calories and will have to do more cardio for a further caloric deficit through activity rather than eating less, provided one does not want to wind up in a hospital bed.

5-7% is stage ready and those who say they walk around YEAR ROUND at 8% are likely full of shit and are likely more at 12% year round.

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it all comes from folk thinking that seeing your abs = 10% bodyfat