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OK-OK- I need some help here. I’m going low carbs MON-TUES-WED the week of the show. Keeping my Protein high so my calories won’t go too low. Also using some oil in the Protein drinks. Now I want to keep my sodium around 1000mg and my potassium at 3000mg for these three days. And on Thursday I want to drop the sodium to no more than 500mg. How do you do this!? It appears everything has sodium in it and to eat the right PRO/CHO ratio for these days is virtually impossible. Give me some suggestions. I just want to get rid as much subcutaneous water as I can without going flat. And one more thing, I’m keeping my water intake as high as 4 gallons M/T/W and dropping to 2 on Thurs and 1 on Fri with just sipping from Friday afternoon till the show is over Saturday night. Is this smart? Any good thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.

your doing everything right buddy.low sodium food to carb up on is hard to find. rice cakes,fresh chicken breasts, potatoes,yams,oatmeal and steaks.stick to real foods.no powders.u should b able to keep sodium low.