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Contest Prep - Slow Fat Loss On Cycle


Hi guys, I'm currently in the middle of my contest prep for a couple of men's physique shows I'm planning to do soon, but it seems my fat loss is much slower than I thought it would be considering I'm currently on cycle and given my diet and training routine.

31 years old
87 kg / 191 lbs
~10% body fat (estimate)
Been lifting for over 5 years

I took part in my first physique show last year as a complete natural and ended up at 78 kg / 171 lbs (too skinny). I was pretty lean and managed to get down to that weight with a diet of macros 250P / 100C / 55F (1,895 calories).

This time around, my diet macros are 250P / 50C / 60F (1,740 calories). Originally, my caloric intake was higher, but due to the slow rate of my fat/weight loss, and my category's weight limit (84 kg / 185 lbs), I had to reduce it.

My training routine is similar to what I did last time around, but with more intensity, volume and sometimes frequency. My training routine is below (alternating between heavy, lower reps and lighter, higher reps):

Day 1: Shoulders + Back
Day 2: Legs + Abs
Day 3: Chest + Arms
Day 4: Rest

I do cardio on all workout days, and am currently doing 600 calories worth (1 hour), whereas I only did 300 calories worth before.

My first AAS cycle was a basic Test P @ 100 EOD / DBol @ 30mg ED for 6 weeks, and I got pretty nice results with it during a lean bulk (gained around 8 kg / 18 lbs). PCT was just Tamoxifen for 3 weeks, and my recovery was fine.

My current AAS cycle is as follows (first show is at the end of week 16):

Week 1-4: Test P @ 150mg EOD / DBol @ 40mg ED
Week 5-8: Test P @ 150mg EOD / Masteron P @ 100mg EOD
Week 9-12: Test P @ 85mg EOD / Masteron P @ 130mg EOD
Week 13-16: Test P @ 65mg EOD / Masteron P @ 120mg EOD / Tren Ace @ 50mg EOD

Week 1-11: Anastrozole @ 0.25mg ED
Week 4-15: HCG @ 250IU x 2
Week 12-14: Letrozole @ 1.25mg ED
Week 15-16: Letrozole @ 2.5mg ED

Week 9-16: Clen (ramping up to 80mcg ED) + Ketotifen @ 2mg ED
Week 10-16: T3 (ramping up to 75mg ED)

I have Bromocriptine on hand in case of any prolactin problems from the Tren (couldn't get a hold of any caber or prami).

I've had blood work done prior to both cycles and all hormone levels were within ranges. I had another test a couple of weeks ago to check my E2 levels in case that is the cause of my slow fat loss, but it came back being right at the top of the range (41.8 pg/mL where range is 7.63-42.6 pg/mL).

I'm pretty confused as to why it seems it's much harder to lose fat this time around; I'm doing about 5 hours (3,000 calories) of cardio per week and am on a diet of around 1,700 calories per day, which is more cardio and less food than when I was natural!

So after such a long post (sorry about that, lol), my question to you guys is, given the info I've mentioned above, is there anything you can think of as to what the reason could be that I'm not losing fat as quickly while on cycle as when I wasn't? I'm thinking it could be a whole load of water retention, which is why I switched from Anastrozole to Letrozole as estrogen could be the culprit (?). Also, the addition of clen and T3 should have been it a done deal to accelerate the fat loss, but that doesn't seem to be the case either. I'm also considering trying a small dose of Dyazide to see if that would help.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling:


You might have written it but I must’ve missed it… how far out are you now?

If you’re 16 weeks out, you have WAY too much going on. Lifting 6x a week, cardio 6x a week, and super low calories is going to hurt you. I know guys who don’t get to that extreme at the END of their prep, let alone the beginning.

Have you considered hiring a coach?


I’m no expert, but isn’t adding a diuretic at 16 weeks out a clear case of utter madness?


Thanks for the replies. Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I’m actually just under three weeks out, I thought I’d post my whole cycle for more info.

I wouldn’t have thought I’d need to do as much as I’m doing either which is why it’s really frustrating me!

I haven’t thought about hiring a coach but thinking about my situation now, it probably would’ve been a good choice lol.

I’m considering trying a low dose of a diuretic at two weeks out to assess how it affects me, and also to see if it’ll help me and my situation.