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Contest Prep Question

I am currently 230 at 11% bodyfat, I have a contest coming up and I want to start cutting 12 weeks out. I plan to use the follow the t-dawg diet up until the last month, at which point I plan to switch over to Fat Fast. Does this sound like a very good plan? Is 12 weeks of cutting too much or not enough?

I hope to go from 11% bodyfat down to 3% for the show, all naturally (I can’t afford supps right now).

Thanks for your help.

Maxim-that is going to be tough. T dawg will lean you out. Fat fast will also but you need the andro’s to preserve the LBM in my opinion otherwise you will get smaller due to the lack of food. Suggestion T dawg up to two weeks before and if you do the fat fast save up for some 1-ad. I use Tribex and that works for me but I am at 12% and will probably stay there.

I agree w/Maxim. You’re currently at 11% and you have 12-weeks to diet. You’ve got the time, definitely, to get down to your 3%. And rather than spend alot of time on the bike, treadmill, whatever you might be doing for cardio; may I suggest you think about HIIT? Try sprints, jump rope - this will help you preserve that muscle mass while you lean up further. And start your posing practice NOW. THIS will help you harden up. THEN you’ll see that the Fat Fast may not be needed or to do as Maxim said, as a “fine-tuner.”

Here's something else to think about: that last week before the show - you're going to drop alot more weight than the previous weeks. Due to the stress, anticipation of the show combined with the daily stresses of life. SO, to avoid this, make sure that by that time, the only "cardio" you need is posing practice. I hope this helps. And let us all know here how you did!