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Contest Prep Help Aug 25


I will enter my first contest Sat Aug 25th. Can anyone give me advice (based on own experience) about cutting water, etc in the week/days leading up to the event. I've read a lot of different things--saying to increase salt for a few weeks to "trick" the body and then decrease it (body will excrete more water because it has been upregulated). Also to load up on potassium to prevent cramping.

Don't drink any water for 36 hours prior, etc. I'd appreciate any tips that experienced competitors have. I am working with a guy in my gym who has competed many times but I wanted to check his advice against some input from other people. I will try to get some pictures up before/after the contest.

Stats are 5'9'' 175lbs. This is down from 195lbs 15wks ago so I am fairly cut up now with just a bit more to go (mostly water weight) 4 wks out.


Sorry I can't really help you out but wanted to give this a bump, because I'm really confused after reading many articles on this. One guy says one thing and another will say how wrong that is and it won't work.


Yes this is why I am confused. I've also read conflicting advice--do/don't restrict water intake for X period before the show.

I have to figure out what will work for me. I will put some pics up within a week and hopefully get some suggestions/see how I respond.

I know from experience that I look more defined in the morning having lost water overnight (conversely can start to smooth out by the afternoon).


How did you end up doing, cause im in the same situation you were in


I competed at 168 lbs. Took 2nd and 3rd in 2 categories. Probably would have placed higher if I worked more on posing. Moved up from 3rd to 2nd in the second call out and it was the same line up of guys crossing over to the other category. Only difference was I flexed a lot harder that time.

I would not obsess about water--I think it is an excuse for fat people--if body fat is low, water is not the issue. I think I cut a bit too much, felt bad the whole next week. If I compete again, will aim for 172-174 lbs.


Did you cut your carbs or anything? so next time would you just dieting right into the show and keep water high?


Read Abel's article about sodium. And keep the water in, keeps the muscles full-Kyle