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Contest Prep (For The Beach)

I was wondering if some of you guys could help me out. I know there was a thread about an upcoming article on contest prep both for the competitive and noncompetitive bodybuilder. I am a noncompetitive bb who is going to Florida in two weeks. I am probably a lot like most of you guys…I have a substantial amount of muscle (I weigh 205 lbs., I am 6’1), but also have a little more fat than I would like (I have about 11% now)

What I was wondering, was how to lose that extra water, and peak for the week while I’m in Florida. Now remember, this is diff. than contest prep, because I just need to look mildly good for 5 days as opposed to extremely shredded for one.

Anyway, I was hoping for some “drug free” tips. (For addtional info…I am currently on fina and will finish up my cycle then day before I leave. I don’t want to buy any drugs for the cutting. My ideas were to go off the creatine about four or five days before we leave. I would also up my sodium the week before we leave, and then not drop it down until I arrive or the day before. (remember, I’m going for a five day peak) Also, I have taraxatone that I will be taking throughout my trip (five days), just to keep the water retention low.

If any of this looks wrong, please let me know. I have never tried this before, and know that trying to semi-peak for five days is maybe a little tougher to time than super-peaking for one.

Animalmass, I would say that your current plan is ok, but I would like to give you a couple of thoughts. First, I would discontinue the creatine about 7-10 days before you arrive. I would not worry about flattening out before you get there. Your food intake and training should keep you full. Remember the leaner you are the fuller and rounder you CAN look, if you do not dehydrate. Secondly, I am not sure why you are loading sodium. I have found that sodium loading is very risky, especially if your not using a diuretic. Taraxatone is no serious diuretic. You will get plenty of sodium in your diet. If you want to pull sodium the day before you arrive…well you said that you needed the look for 5 days. I would not suggest pulling your sodium in your case, because there is a major rebound action that takes place with sodium. Believe me that it does not take 5 days for serious rebound to happen. I think you should watch your sodium intake, but do not load or deplete. The Taraxatone will need about 3-5 days before you may see significant results, so I would start it at about 3 days before your arrival. I would also suggest ingesting 2 gallons of water (drinking water not distilled) a day… to ensure hydration. I assume that you will be on the beach, so dehydration would suck…especially doing the kickin chicken in front of the babes. I have a few more tricks that may help (carb loading/water etc.), but this response might run off the forum page. Feel free to e-mail me at jm@biotest.net. Good Luck!!!

Thanks for the help Jeff. I emailed you. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.