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Contest Prep Cycle Advice, Tren Ace, Test Prop and Var

Im 6’4 239lbs, 10% bodyfat, my first show is the San Diego championships at the end of march and im starting contest prep on the first. Classic Physique. Currently im cruising on Test E 200mgs a week with 1 mg of anastrazole MWF. This next cycle will be my third cycle and im looking for some feeback. I have also run Tren E before, but never ACE. sides were fairly mild, but i got pretty short of breath when my blood pressure spiked and that freaked me out. i dialed back my sodium and upped my hydration to lower my blood pressure and that helped with that side.
Additionally im going to try to put on a little bit more muscle during this prep, and i dont mind if that means stepping on stage at a slightly higher bodyfat. ideally id like to be at 5-6%. is this way off base? the only reason i ask is the weight cap for my division is 242. Theres no WAY im gonna be a lean 242. or can i be? Ive read some people have put on as much as 14 pounds of lean mass while on tren ace during a similar length of time. then again that wasnt for contest prep. sorry for all the questions and once again any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Tren ace 50mg ED (none on last week)
Test Prop 50 mg ED
Anavar 40mgs a day first 4 weeks
Arimadex 1 mg EOD
Nolvadex 20mgs ED

im also taking a liver support, omegas, mens multi, collagen, vitamin E, BCAAS, and about 1.5 gallons of water a day. nutrition is also on point. Ive gotten mixed feedback about the incorporation of Nolvadex so thats one of my first main questions. has anyone here run any similar cycles? any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Have you ever had blood work done on your cruise to see where your oestrogen is at? That looks like an absolute ton of adex to me


I havent yet but i will be within the next week or so hopefully. I wanted to get them done right before i started this cycle. my nipples were getting a little sensitive/ puffy before i was running that amount and i gradually increased it to that and now theyre fine.

Hi man… I agree with Yogi1 about adex, with this amount of test, you may be doing too much of it… do some bloodwork for a check.

About the cycle, the drugs is ok for the contest, and maybe, the amount of it could be increased, but i said maybe…

Trembolone you can keep it during the last week, it’s ok. If I were you, i would keep tren at the last week, actually, you can increase it at the last week, you’ll should look even better…

Some hold to much water with test, so, youy need to know your body, I can keep test at last week, but I did it before without test, and I can compete drier when I take off testosterone at final week.

I’d use anavar at 4 final weeks just to keep more density, and plus, the last 4 weeks you’re going to be depleted, weaker, so, I find anavar a great maintainer of physical strength, even when your diet is extremely restrictive.

doing 350mg test per week and to take 1mg adex EOD sounds a little bit more than usual.

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Gotcha! And thank you for the feedback! What would your recommended dose of arimadex be then? Also, it’s probably been about 8 months since I’ve run HCG so I was thinking about starting the cycle off with that as well. And as per your input I’ll save the var for the last 4 weeks.

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I was going to comment on the arimidex dosage but that has been covered.

BCAAs, are total BS. All of that hype back when they started selling them and they had proof they help build muscle is just totally misrepresented. Those studies we’re done with injectable BCAAs. Oral BCAAs will only keep you from burning fat and since this is contest prep. I found out about the BCAAs a while back. I stopped taking them and actually lost a couple of pounds and since I was on a cycle it wasn’t lean mass I lost. The amino acids that do actually help are the Essential Amino Acids. Just thought I would share.
Those companies that sold the BCAAs touting them as having scientific proof really should return the money they made. I am sure not all of the companies that sold them really knew but for sure the early companies that had those media blitz ads claiming all the data really miss represented that shit.

Its hard to say the amount of adex without blood work, but in my experience, maybe 0,5mg every 2/3 days, some don’t even need adex with this amount of test, but I’d use it (blind mode - no blood work as I said). Try little bit less, 0,5mg every 2/ 3 days…

HCG, if you gonna run a prep, don’t use it. If you want to do some HCG, don’t do it with your prep for the comp. HCG will raise others hormones (we don’t want to detail here), may cause some water retention and you’ll have more variables to deal with… aways, aways keep it simple.

Good Luck!

From what I hear the prioritize leanness over size.

If you are 239 at 10% now…in my head I was like way possible but then I did the math and wrote it out and 14lbs of lean mass in 3 months of somebody already your size…I mean unless you are as good of a BBer as Eric Kanevsky…(very sarcastic :smiley: )

This seems backwards, wouldnt you want to finish with the Anavar? Also kind of cool to see your doses, you are one of those elite genetic types maintaining 239 on 200mg of test!

interesting info on the BCAA’s, i had no idea. Ill cut those out then. thank you for the input!

gotcha. Ill know more after i get my labs back but ill shift to your reccomended dosage. the general consensus from what ive heard and read suggests that the previous amount was too high. ill also save the HCG after prep then. My primary concern is that someday i wanna have kids so i wanna offset the atrophy as much as possible. Im not running crazy amounts of anything, so im not too worried, just a sort of precautionary measure.

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Yeah im not even CLOSE to Kanevsky haha. Ive only been seriously bodybuilding for a couple years now, and ive got a LONGGGG way to go. Hell, id be happy with with a couple extra pounds in lean mass during that time. Thats not gonna stop me from shooting for 14 though! I do have realistic expectations though and do not expect to hit that. I just wanna come in at the best conditioning possible for my first show. And yeah ill switch the VAR to the end of the stack. And thank you! I def wouldnt consider myself elite in the genetic department, haha. i graduated college around 192 at 6’4, so its been quite a bitch getting to the weight I am now! haha. In the area of cruising, isnt 200mg of test pretty standard? I always heard that anything over that would be considered blasting? or I could be entirely offbase. Also, thank you for the feedback!

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This is probably a good thing, I mean in terms of training style and punctuality etc haha

Standard for TRT and yes it would probably be considering Blasting/Cruising. I am just guessing but I assume most Offseason doses are closer to blasts. At least in the PLer world it seems most Cruise at 500mg / Week. Then for a comp who knows.