Contest Prep Carb Cycle with Very Late Night Training, 16 Wks Out

Hi guys . How are you all.?
I am 16 weeks out of my show men’s physique
I want to discuss something about C.T’s article
“Carb cycle codex” which I usually follow and it always gives amazing results.
I had a question regarding the timing of carb intake in account of our workout time.
Let me give u some detail about what C.T said.

Now I copied this paragraph from C.T’s article.

Obviously, not everybody can train at this time. For those who have to train in the evening (around 5:00 or 6:00pm), the following schedule is appropriate:

Meal 1 (upon waking up): Carbs + protein meal
Meal 2 (10:00): Carbs, protein, and green veggies
Meal 3 (12:30): Protein, fat, and green veggies
Meal 4 (15:30): Protein, fat, and green veggies
Meal 5 (Post-workout, around 18:00): Protein and carb drink
Meal 6 (21:00): Carbs + protein meal

On which time we have to intake carbs in 3 meals if our workout time is 6-00 pm.

I am 16 weeks out and I am following C.T’s concept of carb cycle, it has given me fantastic results always…
But because of some circumstances I had to do my workout at 11-00 pm night… which finishes around
12-30 am. So what will be the suitable time for me to intake carbs in which 3 meals I should intake carbs…?
Can anybody help me out.

I think positioning your carb focused meals can vary depending on your personal preference and benefit.

Even spread vs Targeted

When I was still competing, I felt a genuine benefit from having the majority of my daily carb intake around, specifically before, my training for that day. My strength never lagged, my energy was good, and I looked like I was losing no lbm in the drawn out dieting process. As such, I was willing to suffer no to few carbs during the rest of the day as a trade off. I did usually keep some in my first meal because, again, I felt a benefit to myself mentally if not actually physically, but I gutted through each day with caffeine and will power.

Plenty of other folks (individuals as well as coaches) advocate for an evenly spaced out portioning of carbs. If that works for you, then great, go for it. Not everyone will have benefits from carb timing, it can be a subtle effect, so don’t put yourself out if you don’t feel it’s worth it.

Carbs at Night

The only difference in your ingesting a decent amount of carbs at night is that with the water storage that accompanies glycogen creation, your morning weight MIGHT be higher than it would have been with earlier in the day carbs, and the resultant chance to excrete later in the day before bed (hence before morning weigh ins!)



I think the total carb intake for the day is miles more important than the timing, but as Stu said it may help a bit with the workout itself and how you FEEL, but I bet results would be so similar you couldn’t tell a big difference at the end of the day.


I am not worried about the morning weight. I m just concerned about that no matter I will take carbs post workout. It won’t convert in to fat.? As after that I have to sleep only…?

If results will be similar I don’t have any problem in taking carbs at night as post workout meal. Do u think it convert in to fat like some amount of carbs.? As after that I have to sleep only

Timing doesn’t Affect whether carbs store as fat. ThAts only dependent on total carbs and cals for the day.


Okay thanks a million for the support. Respect

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:ok_hand:good luck with the prep!



Thanks a lot Stu I’ll update the Pic’s. Soon