Contest Prep: Calories?

To those that compete in bodybuilding here, 1) How many calories do you consume each day? 2) What kind of macronutrient split do you use? 3) Cardio? The answer to the first question might be obvious for some, but I know a lot of competing bodybuilders that don?t count calories, eat mostly tuna/chicken and rice( occasionally vegetables) and show excellent progress on that. Just wondering what works for you guys.

Helmholz, the numbers are going to vary. TBW for different competitors can vary widely, depending on what weight class they’re competing in. Some pre-competitors start off with a slight deficit and tighten up even more closer to competition. Others cycle carbs and/or calories and have Low, Medium and High days. Since dieting often results in the loss of LBM, most pre-competitors s are making adjustments along the way.

And honestly, the large majority of pre-competitors are very aware of their caloric intake. You don’t get precision results without precision nutrition. It’s not just a case of eating certain types of foods. It’s a case of creating a precise deficit. Too large a deficit and an unacceptable amount of LBM is lost. Too small a deficit and you won’t have lost the BF you need to lose to get on stage.