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Contest Prep, Any Thoughts?

I have been wight lifting on and off since I was 16yrs. Did just come off test (cyp,enth,prop blend)/deca 700/400 a week for 10 weeks. Got some decent gains and strength.
Wasnt going to but decided to try for a bb cont in april. Finished my test/deca cycle in late nov, so decided to keep on pinning my test at 300mg/w.
Now I have on hand,
10x10ml amps of cutaxyl 150, (50mg/50mg/50mg) of tren ace, prop, mast.
500x5mg anavar.
10000 iu HCG.
Nolvadex and clomid.

So im looking at 12 weeks prep for contest.

Current stats, 182 cm, 92kg, bf 10% rough guess.

Not sure what my goal weight will be, since im hoping on gaining some muscles while cuting through strict diet. There are two classes -90kg bodybuilding or fitness (max weight for me 86 kg), and of course -80kg bodybuilding(least exciting :slight_smile: ).

My plan was
Weeks 1-4 Tren/pro/mast 250/250/250, hcg 250iu e3d.
Weeks 5-12 Tren/pro/mast 500/500/500, hcg 250iu e3d.
Weeks 8-12 Anavar 80mg ed.

PCT, nolva or clomid, nolva currently at customs, so will see :slight_smile:

Does this cycle look good, or is some adjustments i should make?


weeks 1-12

test E 300mg EOD
.5mg adex or 1.25mg letro ED

weeks 4-12

masteron 300mg/week
tren ace 300mg/week
winstrol 50mg EOD (ED for last 2 weeks)

weeks 9-12
halotestin 20mg ED

can’t really give guidance on other things without a picture

Keep the prop/mast/tren dosage the same throughout with ED injections. Looks good though. Best of luck.