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Contest Prep 8 Weeks Out


So as it stands now I am going to get on the stage first week in November. Going to enter the Men's Physique division. The reason for the division decision is the wheels. They are good but will never get much better due to old injuries that prevent just about any hip flexion exercise with anything more than BW.

So today I am about 219 lbs at roughly 12-14% (based on educated guess) @ 36 yo. Thankfully almost all my fat collects in my middle region and the rest of my body stays pretty lean (still have vascularity and striations at over 15%).

Workouts will be mostly upper body and each group is hit twice a week with different rep ranges and targeted muscles. First week will look something like

Shoulder/Chest (always use shoulder w/o to get loose for chest)

Back width/thickness

Legs (light quads depending on how they feel that day)


Back thickness/width

The rep ranges for shoulders/chest rotate between 4-6 and 8-10 each session. Tuesdays back workout is 2-3 exercises for width in the 6-8 range and then deads for 3-5. Fridays back is mostly mixed grip pullups (50-75 reps) and then 3-4 exercises for thickness for 5-7 reps. Just about every day is compound moves with a FEW accessory/isolation movements. The legs sessions have very little quad activation. It is mostly ab/ad ducctors, glutes/hams and then all the quad/calf work is on the prowler sled.

Going to start with cardio in the morning 4 days a week fasted (not true fasted, BCAAs) and then as mentioned above, sled work 2-3 nights a week.

Diet will be a work in constant progress. According to all the calculators, my maintenance kcals is around 3,500. I am going to start off around 2,800. Sample day will look like:

Meal 1
3 eggs
1cup egg white
1tbsp EVOO
5 pieces turkey bacon
i/4 cup low fat/low sodium mexican cheese
2 tbsp salso

Meal 2
8oz lean ground turkey breast
1/4 cup cooked quinoa
steel cut oats 1/4 dry
1 cup steamed broccoli sugar snap pea mix

Post WO
20 oz gatorade
60 grams whey/casein blend
1/2 fuji apple
1000 mg vitamin c

Meal 4
8oz lean ground turkey breast
1/4 cup dry quinoa
sweet potatoe
1 cup steamed broccoli sugar snap pea mix

Meal 5 (before prowler or snack on no prowler days)
BCAA custom mix

Meal 6
Chunk white tuna in EVOO
1 scoop whey/casein blend
1/2 cup 2% reduced soduim cottage cheese.

2791/190/83/319 - KCAL/Cb/Ft/Pr

So, this is my starting point. Going to try and focus on the results and not getting impatient. Would love to get some feedback on the initial plan and what may standout as an issue that I might be missing. Thanks!

EDIT: Picks in the next day or two. AVI is about a month ago


Sounds like you've thought it out quite a bit. Numbers look sound as far as macros go (I use more carbs in my own preps, but I know how my body handles them). Curious to see recent pics, from your avatar, you look fairly lean to start, and with the good torso width you're sporting, this may be just the category for you.



looks like a solid plan. How tall are you OP? I'll be following. I think I'd like to do a Physique show one day... it'll be nice to hear all about your experience.


You start your prep with a 700 cal deficit AND 4 days/week fasted cardio AND 2-3 sled sessions/week all at the same time ?


Greg, I am 6'1". Yeah it should be pretty interesting. There are 2 shows on the same weekend in 2 different locations. Both are the same distance from me. I am hoping that work doesn't interfere but I am going to prep for it as if there was no chance of missing it.


I was already doing the sled work 3 days a week and 2 days of cardio in the AM. So technically all I am doing is adding 2 days of AM cardio along with the deficit. I will be able to tell by this weekend if the kcals are too low.


Thanks! How did you handle pre w/o supps as you got closer to game day? The creatine in particular? The current supp I am taking is basically Arginine Alpha-Keto, Creatinie mono, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, and 1:3 DM.


I stopped Using Anaconda a week out because of the creatine and citruline in it (always better to err on being tighter and a lb or two smaller than being bigger and puffier IMO).

A note on your cal intake,... 2800 isn't especially low or especially high. I ride out a good part of my 16 week prep averaging 2700 cals/day (I'm 5'8). At 8 weeks out, it's not likely that your BMR which started at 3500 is still at that number, so you're not really at a 700 cal deficit every day. Always go by the mirror, and if you body can handle the cardio regimen you're doing without losing noticeable amounts of LBM, then by all means plug away.