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Contest Prep 2010


hey all,

its that time of year again, im 11 weeks out last saturday and weighed in at 80.2kg / 176lbs. i compete in the classics class in the UKBFF in england. with this class its more of a height to weight ratio, so my max weight is 77kg / 169lbs. im hoping to come in around about 74-76kg / 162-167lbs on the day.

currently im carb cycling with 2 high days 2 medium days and 3 low days. cardio is dont 3 times a week on the low carb days. training wise, im trying to keep training heavy as the main thing i did last year is lightening up the weight, so im sticking more to Charles Poliquin's techniques at the moement and its deffo paid off well, espescially with my arms. and yes i know my calves suck before someone points it out :stuck_out_tongue: but theyre a hell of a lot better than what they used to be!

anyway guys, lemme know what you think :slightly_smiling:


back db


front lat spread


back relaxed


quarter turn


back lat spread


lol, what kind of gym do you go to where its acceptable to just drop your trousers right in the middle


a proper bodybuiders gym where people bust their ass. you cant train at those "health club" bullshit places


Ignore that dafty, you're looking good mate. Triceps need some work I think, but I'd say your biggest weak point is your back.


Man, once you bring up the upper body to match those sick wheels you are golden. I can definitely see the improvement in the arms from the last time you were here. Nice work!


Thats some physique to strive for.

So you start cutting and carb cycling at 11 weeks out? You look pretty damn lean already, any idea what your bodyfat percentage is at currently? And what kind of numbers you putting up? Also you mention height but don't actually say, whats your height?

Your physique and weight brings me much hope. I'd love to know as much as possible about your training program and diet.


Just read through the last thread of yours.

Says a lot about your leg training, how are you working chest, back, and shoulders if you got time to elaborate. And in both threads it makes no reference to height lol

Your calves have come up a lot from last year, great work there.


haha, ok ok jsut to clarify im 5"8. io got my bf tested and im at 11% at 11 weeks out. yeah im carb cycling with 2 high carb days, 2 medium carb days and 3 low carb days.

i didnt train my legs from about january till april and even after, i was only doing very very light weight and stopping far from failure. my legs grow like weeds!

as for back,chest and shoulders, im focusing on geting stronger cos i think thats the main thing holding me back, so i've started lifting in the 4-6rep range for the first excercises for about 5 sets and then the next excercise ill use somethign like 4 sets of 8 reps and then finish off with a couple of higher rep excercises which are more isolation than the initial compound movements.


as for diet, im on about 240g protein, carbs vary from 300-100g and fats vary from 50-20g depending on the carb day. i eat mainly chicken and fish, for some reason steak just doesnt sit well with me but ill try and get a couple down me closer to the show. nothing special on the diet front im afraid, just the simple stuff but with time it works! oh yeah and i do 2 shakes a day as well, one of which is post workout and the other is between meal 1 and meal 2


You have a good skeleton so you have excellent potential down the road.

If you are looking for critique, I will say that your physique is very front dominated. Looks great from the front, but weaker from the side, and really weak in comparison to your front from the back.

focus on bringing up the overall back thickness and width, delts as view from the rear, glutes and hamstrings.

also keep that arm straight down to display full thickness and the tricept when you are in your side quarter turn pose. You never want to appear weak in any pose (by your own doing lol)
cheers and good luck! you can put on a lot of muscle during dieting phase so hit those areas hard, there is plenty of time yet.


Id say hamstrings, lats, mid back, and delts need the most immediate atttention.

Very good overall though.

Flaring out more on the rear double bi will help too.


VERY impressive........if i would have to point out something I would say in the front lat spread picture your chest looks small in comparison to your huge arms,lats and ridiculous quads........

upper chest looks strong
your lower chest looks somewhat lacking and it seems that your left lower chest is a little smaller than
your right lower chest...........I would suggest weighted dips as well as maybe adding in some cable
work so you can work each side individually.....

I personally like putting the cable on the lowest point grabbing it with one hand than with the opposite hand grabbing the opposite pole and leaning towards the
direction of the cable that i have in my hand and without bending my elbow pulling the cable up across
my body in a diagonal motion, you have a very impressive physique keep up the good work mate!


oh yea and by the way in that pic that chick is totally checking out your ass


thanks for the advice priosoner. really means a lot to have someone of your calibre critiquing me! you mentioned putting on muscle when dieting, how does one go about doing that? i thought the point was to really just maintain what you had no?


yeah totally agree with you mate, my back has come up a lot from last year in terms of thickness, but im really struggling to get that "flare" to my lats, maybe i just need more size for it to come out! any suggestions would be much appreciated!