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Contest Next Sept: Mini Cut Then Reverse Diet?


I'm doing my 2nd comp in September next year (a lot to fix). I know reverse dieting works really well, so if I did a 2 month cut and then reversed out of it, making some lovely lean gains. Would that be any better than just bulking and having a longer prep? Already 'big' but not that lean. Cheers


The first thing that came to my mind was "fuck all these industry tag words " reverse diet " " lean gains " , “mini cut”

The Most important thing is 5 to 6 months away from your show you are lean enough to get stage ready a few weeks bdfore your show .

If you are above 15 percent body fat right now the mini diet is probably an OK idea , but don’t waste time reversing out of it , no one who is natty can make "lean gains " so unless you’re on a ton of shit forget that part .