Contest Diet Article???

I believe it was about 6-10 months ago when some mentioned that he was going to write a contest article of some sort? I believe it was Jeff (who works for Biotest). If he wrote the article then I can’t seem to find it through the search or previous issues. Does anyone know if this was written and if so the name of the article?

(To staff) If this was not written are there any plans of any articles like this? I am sure there are others who might be interested.

Otherwise, does anyone know of any good reading material about tips on what and what not to do?

I worked with Jeff on this article on several occasions. It was close to complete when I sent it back to him for additional info and never got it back. Jeff no longer works for Biotest. I think Cy or Ron Harris could write an article like this if there’s a demand for it.

I’d be interested in reading it!

Count me in as one of those that would like to see this article!

I’d love to read something along these lines as well. Isn’t Ron preparing for the NPC show in Boston this May? It might be interesting to track his progress and detail adjustments he makes as the contest nears. Just a thought.

Just want to create some interest. Chris said if there are enough readers interested in this, they might write an article about this. SO let’s here it folks. Who’s interested!!

Bring it on!

Yap, bring it on.