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What a cool show last night! Dude won a badass truck & they all received 1000 bucks for gambling. I’ve only seen the show like 2-3x’s, who’s gonna win this whole thing from what you’ve seen so far?

I can’t decide how I feel about this show. Although I am a huge boxing fan, this show feels way too over produced… it almost feels fake. I’m not saying it is, but it just doesn’t feel real to me. Especially since they don’t even show the entire fights, just highlights from each round.

I enjoyed the Ultimate Fighter a lot more. That show focused a lot more on the training and the actual fights instead of trying to build our interest in the fighters family lives.

I don’t know who will win, but I was hearing good things about Ishe Smith long before the show ever started. I would go with him, or maybe Peter Manfredo.

Hard to tell who’s going to win…Ishe’s pretty good…But I agree that it’s way over produced and gets real cheesy sometimes. I think they did that on purpose in order to get the female side to watch. That’s also why they include so much focus on their families and kids and all that touchy feely stuff. I liked UFC better.