Contemplation of my next cycle

I’ve been over my last/first cyle for close to 4 months and still have held onto a few pounds more that half of my gains (17-18 lbs) though to be honest I’m probably a little fatter then I was at the end of my cycle. Anyway, I’ve been looking at the Constructing a Cycle articles and have some some ?'s and ideas. I was thinking about doing a prop, tren, d-bol/winni 3 on 2 off from then end of January to say the beggining of june. Then starting an eight weeker of enanthanate, eq, tren. Let’s hear what you all have to say.


In my opinion Wideguy, I wouldn’t do such a long cycle. Essentially 20 weeks on? I would say cut that in half. But I do like your choice of components for the cycle.

Well, there is no such thing as 3 on 2 off. It is 3 on 1 off, 2 on 4 off. You can’t just juice more than you don’t juice and expect not to be fucked up hormonally. I like your cycle ideas but I have found that 6-7 weeks is all you need. Just hit it hard. The drugs you have chosed are my favorite, you should get very good results.

i would think that you may be able to recover from the first one or two short cycles. but there is no way 4-5 cycles into it you will be able to fully recover in 2 weeks. you would essentially be on the entire time.

i think your endo system would be completley fucked after a few of those short ones, just as it owuld with one long one.

not to mention that would be expensive as fuck. why not just do two seperate 8 weekers?

Yeh, I dont like the idea of 3 on 2 off either. I believe, for most people, that after 3 weeks you will be as shutdown as if it were 6. I like your choice of AAS. However, wanted to question the Winny? Just curious as to why?

Alright, I knew that was wishful thinking to be able to be on that long but can you really blame me? How about a 2 on 4 off from feb-june with prop tren d-bol/winny then an 8 weeker in july through august of enthan. or cyp, tren, eq. I choose the winny not in conjunction but rather instead of the d-bol. I did this with the idea that on my d-bol, tren, prop month I’d eat massive, and then on my tren,winny, prop month I’d go T-dawg (or something similar). Hey squatty? Do you think I’d be better off doing a bulking cycle in the near future say around january for 8 weeks with enthan., d-bol, tren. Then doing a cutting cycle over the summer tren, prop, eq? BTW check your PM please.