Contemplating TRT

I’LL be 51 in April. Just had all my annual blood work. Everything came back great. OF course doc only tested total T level and it came back at 475. I figured alright, may not be ideal but normal. So I can wait a few years before starting trt. However, I just got a call from doc office saying it’s a lil low and he can start me on it. Wants to set up an appointment to discuss options. He himself is on trt and he takes viagra. Wants to set me up at the pharmacy he uses. Says it’s by far best price. I still make strength gains in gym but I’m alot skinnier but I think that’s because I work hard in medical field and no longer eat 5 to 6 meals a day. I do feel tired alot and I’m only interested in sex morning and afternoon. Come nighttime it’s zero interest and sucks because gf only wants it at night lol. Well my question is, should I go for it? Figure once you start you are on it forever.

I wouldn’t rate 475 ng/dL as great without a measurement of the Free T which is what truly matters. You haven’t been properly diagnosed as having a deficiency and any doctor allowing TRT to commence is reckless.

You want my advice on whether or not to start TRT, the answer is not with these imcompete labs as there may be lifestyle factors that can help explain you being tired and having low sexual interest in the evening.

Men naturally have a higher libido in the morning and on the flip side women have a higher libido at night, nature’s little joke on us men.

Hence, the “nooner” is the sweet spot. AKA, afternoon delight, on the back side of the sweet spot.

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Yes, I meant all my other blood work. CBC, cholesterol, psa, vita D etc was great. I realized total T was normal but not ideal. Also realized free T wasnt tested. This guy is an ER physician as well and highly respected. Kinda happy I found a doc open minded about TRT but realize too maybe a bit reckless. Guess I’m struggling because I kinda wanna try it even excited a bit but also kinda want to wait a few years.

I know I’m tired from stressful ass job and just 5 to 6 hours sleep at night. Diet is hit or miss. Healthy then occasional junk food and alcohol

TRT might lead down the road of no return. You better enjoy pinning. I’ve been doing so since I was between 58 and 60 and I am now 72. I have lost my anticipation for the next injection.

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None of this will lead to great T levels. Sleep alone is bad enough. As @systemlord said you have no diagnoses. You may have a lot of respect for this doctor but I sure don’t based solely on what you just told me. You have no diagnoses based on TT alone so telling you to jump on TRT is borderline malpractice.