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Contemplating EQ

Hi guys, i’m contemplating using EQ in my next cycle. I have read a lot about it and i am interested in it for numberous reasons.

Good reports that its good to use for strength and lean bulking (my goals.)

Erythropoiesis - EQ’s increase in RBC count, (i will be playing football while bulking but wont be training cardio too much, so EQ’s help would be great and interesting!) - will be training for sprint speed more so than endourance prob twice a week)

I want to try different Anabolics and experience their effects first hand.(EQ’s vascularity and appeitite too.)

I’m thinking:
W1-16 Test E 750mg/week
W1-16 EQ 600mg/week
(considering OT or Var)
Stasis taper PCT

Also, on a side note, i have been researching the best cycle for my football on season, when i go back playing seriously. There is a possibility i could change my mind and run the cycle with football as main goal and gym as second goal.
From what i have read lower doses would be more suitable for this:

Test e 250mg/week
EQ 400mg/week (maybe?)

If i will be going with this (prob next year) i may add in other compound(s) to see their effectiveness, including masteron/ privoron/ anavar/ OT/ maybe winny (worried about joints so prob not) obviously i wont be able try them all in one cycle so research or first hand experience will help decide which. so if any of you have info on these in relation to sport it would greatly help my research!

Feedback on anything will be helpful, here are some notes ive taken from my research:

I need to research GHRP-6 more but have been reading good things about it lately.
Also HGH for endurance.

Winstrol helps sprinting but is bad for joints.

Westclock suggested OT as best drug for sprnting.

FG uses Masteron at 250mg/week for rugby, 300mg gives cramps.

Brook suggested EQ @ 300mg/week for endurance for positive connective tissue repair and some anabolism and increased RBC and performance.

I know this is a bodybuilding site so stamina/speed/endurance is not important, so its hard find info!

I’m by no means an authority, but I ran a cycle similar to what you’re suggesting, albeit lower doses. I did 500/wk TE; 400/wk EQ for about 10 wks. I found the EQ to be fairly mild actually. I will say, that while on that cycle, my libido was solid [pardon the pun]. But a lot of people claim that the effectiveness of EQ is basically 50% that of Test. 50% results, 50% sides.

I wasn’t cutting though. I’m basically always bulking due to my “ectomorph” bodytype. So, that could make a substantial difference in the effects I noticed.

I was like you. Just wanted to try it so that I knew firsthand. Good luck.

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I got skin irritation from EQ, I prefer Test, I would rather 1000mg Test a week, than 500mg EQ/500mg Test. But dats just me.