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Conte Becomes WhistleBlower

Bros, just talked to a couple higher up amigos and found out that Victor Conte recently did interviews with 20/20 concerning the doping scandals and his company, BALCO Labs. Supposedly he is going to out, among others: Romanowski, Jones, Greene, Boston and will make wild speculation about Lance Armstrong and his drug routine. So what 20/20 is trying to do is make everyone who has a “little too much muscle mass and speed” look like they are dropping a gram of androgens a week. They are smart, the media is payed for this type of analysis. Not something anyone here already doesn’t know, but I hate to see some sleazy “news report” about concepts the general public can’t even comprehend. What is so wrong with having athletes use carefully planned and executed phamaceutical assistance during training. I for one have always laughed at doping experts like Don Catlin and their ilk. Just a bunch of losers trying to make a living by sounding the death knell for hard working athletes. Doping was fine until this big crusade came out against the practice, making every two-bit journalist think that he has a degree in endocrinology and pharmacology. Remember, the rallying cry for the anti-dopers was Lyle Alzedo, but his claim was disproved long ago. Then they tried to claim all of those WWF jackasses dying was gear related, once again, all the coke, meth, alcohol and heroin those guys down, you are surprised they are dying. Same thing with Caminiti, “it was those steroids that killed him”, once again disproved, coke, meth and alcohol have this tricky way of being ignored for deaths these days. Down with the anti-dopers and prosecutors that treat ergogenic usage as if there is somehow a comparison with illicit street drugs. Long live enhancement, it makes the highs sweeter and the lows, well, not so low.

This should be interesting to see. Any idea when it will be aired? I’ll be intersted in hearing what he has to say about Armstrong. I mean if it is just pure speculation from him then what is the fucking point? Besides causing even more of an uproar.

This friday, I believe. Luckily the show is placed in one of the worst viewership slots imaginable, so hopefully all of 10 people actually tune in.