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Contaminants in Vials

So i pinned in one shoulder, had a tiny bit of blood and without thinking of the implications, used the same pin to draw some t out of the vial for my other shoulder. Unfortunately, some of the blood - my own - was still present in the pin and now I have a couple small - like the width of a hair small - droplets of blood floating at the bottom of my T vial.


Is it still safe to use? Has this happened to anyone? If so, we’re you Ok? I’m gonna be so bummed if this whole vial of T is ruined. But no way in hell am I gonna risk a muscle infection.

If it turns cloudy, I’m gonna bite the bullet and throw the whole bottle away.

Lemme get some answers soon please! Wanna get a nice half gram shot of T before I go out of town for 3 days