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Contact info for GW?

Greetings all. I was looking for GW’s new contact info and am wondering if I’ve got it. I sent an email to his partner SBC and received an autoreply email. At the bottom, it said “If you are trying to locate GetWood you can write to xxxxxxxx” I’m not sure if this is his current email or not. Do any of you guys know if the cyberrights addy is current? I sent off an email, but got no reply.

Last i heard (mid-February) you could gw at cyber-rights. This addy has been openly posted @ anabolex.

I have communicated with him on this address, and placed an order a little over three weeks ago. Still waiting …is this sort of delay normal do you know?

Yes, GW can take a while sometimes. I once received a package after 26 days and then another 10 days later. Don’t worry. He’s cool.