Cont. of My Replacement Thread

So I get the cast off of the elbow in a few days, and am free to do some workouts. Obviously I can’t be bench pressing just yet, but back squats and most leg work is back.

I really don’t want to put a whole bunch of weight on my deadlift however, just because I’m afraid of the strain it’ll put on the arm. My 1RM is 405, for the record.

Is there any way I can increase the workload on my DL without increasing the weight? Different way to do it perhaps? I’ll probably do a fair amount of RDL’s since I don’t use too much weight on that. Will doing much lighter weight on my DL negatively impact me at all?

Thanks for your help previously. I hope I’m not sounding too needy about this whole situation, but I’ve only been taught the basic lifts, and nothing else.