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Consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


I bought some the other day and was wondering what was the best way to consume it.

Do you just fry stuff in it?
Drink it?
Mix it with shakes?


I put it in shakes myself. and cook stuff with it.


why do you guys prefer evo over just regular straight olive oil?

Doesn't Olive oil have a higher smoke rating or whatever so it would be more ideal to cook with?

i personally have both but prefer regular to EVO.



I use it over my chicken salads as a dressing. And I cook with it. But mostly I consume it using my mouth.


We just cook with it all the time. Watch Rachel Ray, she uses it in everything.


In my shakes...


EVOO is not a good cooking oil for the reason you stated. If it gets too hot, many of its good properties are lost. Fwiw, I cook with canola although if I ever see coconut, I'll probably pick some up.


Body-shot style is, perhaps, best.


I've also heard that macadamia nut oil is great for cooking (maybe it was in one of Dr. Bowden's articles). I recently picked up a bottle and have been cooking with that ever since.


macadamia nut oil is good too...so is walnut oil, but not for cooking imo. lol

Its just soo funny seeing everybody using EVOO when regular OO is usually cheaper and better for you no?



DG, if I'm not mistaken, "extra virgin" means less processing, basically, so more of the oils natural polyphenols are maintained.

Someone correct me if I'm talking out of my ass.


ND, you're dead-on. EVOO has additional "health-promoting" benefits that OO does not.

But cooking with EVOO is an exercise in futility if one is after the health benefits - they are cooked away. The taste can still remain a bit different, however, and I believe that is why Rachel Ray et al use it ad nauseam.


Chilli Flakes

3-4 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil



I cook potatoes in it, I believed it was the best oil health wise to cook with.


Dude, indeed! Take it one step further and replace chili flakes with Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy.


Cook and or in shakes. I think I'd rather cook with coconut oil though.


Macademia oil is just TOO expensive compared to coconut oil and not as healthy (from what I've read). Plus, it has a high ratio of omega6:3.

I've used mac oil in shakes but I'd rather just stick to EVOO (consumption with food, shakes) and coconut oil (med-high heat cooking, consumption with food, shakes).


Hrrmmmm...I use a brand of Macadamia Nut Oil called "Olivado", it sells for something like 2.97 a 12oz or so bottle..not sure...right beside it, is another bottle by another brand that sells for like 12 bucks...

I hope I'm not drinking soy oil for that low price...


Drinking a tablespoon of it before bed along with my protein shake gives me massive diarrhea.


I usually cook pasta, put heaps of cut up cooked chicken breast and then garnish with pepper, salt and olive oil.
Or I pour it on bread, (turkish bread is good for this).