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Consuming Too Much Fat During A Bulk?


Alright so I plan on bulking on a 4000 Cal a day diet. Due to a lot of milk, eggs, and peanut butter, I am consuming a lot of fat. I went on fit day and my approximate daily macros are:

Fat 213g 46%
Carbs 313g 31%
Protein 229g 23%

I am an active teenager and I weigh about 172 lbs. I've never been above 10% BF in my life and I don't gain fat easily. Is 46% of my Calories coming from fat too much?


Looks about right.


I understand than mainstream nutrition is incorrect and more fat in your diet generally does not mean more fat on you.

A little anecdotal evidence.

I'm 18 and like you I've never been particularly fat. I've been bulking for quite a few months now, with A LOT of fat. Smearing butter on everything, etc. Ive gained about 30 lb and put on very little fat. I went from vaguely visible abs to visible ab outline.


Alright sounds good. Ill go ahead and do the bulk as planned.


I'd say bump up the protein. Try and hit 1.5g/lb of bodyweight. I think that puts you around 260.


I wouldn't say that the fat is too high, but your protein is definitely on the lower side for someone trying to add size. I'd swap out some fat for more prot.



This. Especially at your age OP. I'd try to get closer to 300g protein.


I always assumed as long as you had 1g/lb of body weight you were good, but I guess you learn something new everyday! haha


Eat enough protein
Eat enough carbs (which is kind of subjective, but at least get some around workouts, and stay out of ketosis).
Adjust rest of carbs and fats as you like.