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Consuming of Fats


I have learned that its not a bad idea to consume some healthy fats before bedtime with your protein to work against the catab state during sleep. I'm currently intaking about 40g of mono+poly fats before bedtime, would that be too much before sleep?


Are you eating just fats, like, a few tablespoons of olive oil or something? I see no reason why you can't toss some protein in there as well. Maybe something like 2 whole eggs, or a glass of whole milk with a scoop of protein, or 1 or 2 spoonfulls of peanut butter.

Otherwise, you're probably fine with that. Though, my instinct is that you may not need a 360-calorie meal right before bed (of course, that depends on your goal and daily calorie limit).


2 scoops of Grow! and 2 tablespoons of UDO and 5 pills of fish oil, well not quite 40 i guess...