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Consuming Kefir

Any of you T-Folk out there know if consuming Kefir yogurt drink in a frozen form is still beneficial? I usually freeze some with protein and take them to work and just pull one out from the freezer to eat whenever I want. I want to make sure that I’m still getting all the good bacteria

I drink Kefir everyday. I have no idea what freezing may do to it, however I would bet that it does not disturb the good bacteria.

ive frozen my kefir grains for 2 weeks…came back put them in milk and they did their thing…

but that does not awnser your question directly hope it helps do…

what have you notices since you started drinking kefir??

do you make your own or buy ready made?

Mercola says that the kefir stuff at the store are useless. It’s much better to make your own stuff.

Thanks for the help guys. By the way, I still do take extra probiotic supplementation because I know Kefir alone isn’t enough. I do prefer Kefir over yogurt though.


Mercola also says that key fobs can damage your nervous system! This man might just have a screw loose…then again he may be ahead of his time!