Consuming Green Tea?

Do you guys drink individual cups of green tea, or do you steep several bags and add to a gallon jug of water and drink throughout the day?

How many bags of green tea do you need to consume to recieve the benefits of EGCG, etc.?



I buy it in bulk not bags. Boil a HUGE pot, like a gallon of it VERY dark. The cool it. Then I can just add a cup of the super strong brew to a liter of water as I use it.

Best way I have found

I used to “drink” green tea, but it started staining my teeth a bit…plus you have to drink like 4 cups/day or more to get the best efficacy. I buy the extract now so all I have to do is pop two pills a day (one in the AM and one mid-PM) and I’m nicely hopped up on catechins and polyphenols.

For a few days last year, I made the stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid mistake of throwing a bunch (I mean, a BUNCH) of powdered green tea into my gallon jug of water. Within about 7 hours, I’d finished the whole thing. I was flying around work, and was awake until like 4 a.m. I may have used too much powder mix.

I’ve since tried the liquid extract, but never felt anything. The most practical, for me, seems to be just individual teabags, brewed when needed.

I just drink a cup a day. Hope I’m not wasting my time?

Thought it might be worth mentioning, I prefer honey to add flavor.