Consuming Fat Together With Your AI?

Hi all,

I’ve come across the phenomenon that one should consume “some fat” with your AI (e.g Aromasin) to increase the oral absorption by like 40% compared to taking your AI with no fat.

But my problem is the statement:“Some fat”.
Does anyone know how much gram of fat you would need to get this benefit or is it just to make sure you don’t take it on an empty stomach and your normal meal with maybe an extra tablespoon of olive oil would be enough? Are we talking about 2-5g fat or like 20-30g along with the AI?

Any suggestions on this topic?

Thanks all for your time.

Where did you read that? Never heard of that theory before

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Where did you read that? Never heard of that theory before[/quote]

I should say that it is only for Aromasin, not for Arimidex or Letrozole.
I’ve read it on an other forum and I also googled it and found on a medical website that one should take Aromasin with a “meal”.

So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the fat content that would be needed, since the forum said the fat content was the thing that was important and not the “meal” thing.

I think this just goes for a majority of oral drugs. Taking them with fatty foods like beef, butter, etc. help the fat oxidize and promote higher PH levels in the stomach to help absorption. Just take it with some food. Only thing I don’t take with food is my t4