Consuming a High Amount of Liquid Calories?

As someone that is an ectomorph, has a very fast metabolism and fucking hates eating… liquid calories have been an absolute staple in my diet for the last 2 years.

I’m currently sitting at 102.5kgs and looking to continue to put on weight (110kg) and am aiming for 4000 calories per day. 3000 of these calories come from a shake I make.

This shake consists of:
-85g Rolled Oats
-1 Scoop Whey Protein
-1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
-500ml Organic Almond Milk

I consume 4 x these shakes throughout the day at calculated times (usually 3 hours between), and then have a regular meal for dinner - usually chicken/steak, rice/potatoes and some greens.

My question is - does consuming a high amount of “liquid calories” have any negative impacts on muscular development / overall health?

I understand I am still eating whole foods - just blending them, it sounds like a bit of an odd thought but thought it may be interesting to talk about.

Thanks in advance.

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I would say its the opportunity cost here. You only eat a vegetable once a day, and your protein and fat sources have very limited diversity. I would be concerned about Omega 3 to 6 ratios, not enough monounsaturated fats, lacking in essential amino and fatty acids, vitamin and mineral deficiency, etc


Its perfect and has to be done for people like us.

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Id replace the almond “milk” with whole fat Fair Life and add pasture raised yolks

Can you explain the reasoning for adding yolks?

I use almond milk because I feel lethargic and bloated with full cream. Not to mention the sugar content in full cream milk is astronomical… even though it’s only lactose, I still don’t won’t to be consuming that much sugar.

High fat. Nutrient dense. Fair Life has half the sugar and twice the protein

My first thought is how the 4 scoops of whey protein daily effect you in the bathroom.

Do you still get 5+ fruit & veg? Essential fatty acids etc?

Thanks for the comment.

No problems in the bathroom although I tend to blow a fair bit of smoke out throughout the day.

Most days I will get at least 3 servings of fruit in and I’m starting to try and get more veggies in - aiming for a couple servings with dinner at night.

I get most of my omega 3’s and 6’s from oats and supplementation of fish oil since I’m not a seafood guy. Potentially will incorporate some kind of seeds in my diet.

Opportunity cost… great way to put it.

I only eat one meal with vegetables in it, not one vegetable a day. This meal consists of potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli & carrot.

As for omega 3s/6s - I get quite a bit through the oats and then supplement the rest. I’m not a huge fish eater but it is something I need to work into the diet a little more.

Could you detail what minerals / vitamins you believe I am deficient in?

Thanks for the comment.

I did not say otherwise. However, few tend to consider potatoes when discussing “eat your veggies”. And here again is a lack of variety and opportunities to get in other veggies.

I would consider oats a poor omega 3 source when compared with the significant intake of fats from peanuts, with those being a lot of omega 6s. In fact, rolled oats themselves apparently have a 21:1 omega 6 to 3 ratio

Not in the slightest. That would require a very specialized field of education and precise measuring equipment with lab work

I track my nutrient’s through an app which has all my RDA’s and I am 100%+ in every mineral and every vitamin expect vitamin A & B3… am I missing something?

Yes I need to work on the omega game, fish & seeds are something I need to pull my finger out and get into my diet.


Again; I have no ability to answer that question