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Consuming 350g Carbs in a Day?


how in gods name can i consume 350g carbs in a day.. This is considered my high day.


You might have to resort to eating....grains!



But seriously... a little detail might be useful.


I do not eat any gluten.. SO i am on ezikel break, oats, basamatti rice, sweet potato, mixed veggies with each meal. some Surge.. call it a day...


Start eating rice/oats/potato/sweet potato/fruits etc... stop when you get to 350 grams.


Are you not eating gluten because of Celiac disease or is there another reason?


few reasons.. I am able to consume gluten i.e. pastaas, and other breads but more minimal reaction to it.

I can eat basammati rice, wild rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, gluten free pasta, soba noodles.. quiona


What kind of reaction?


thing i find baffling how the heck are you going to divide that up over three meals maybe 4 max..


Skin reaction..


350/4= 87.5

Not that hard. Have couple of cups of rice per meal... have your Surge. What are you expecting to hear man?


Have you tried it? And why 3-4 meals?


well it has been said to have 25% wake up and preworkout.. remaining 50post.. Or should i divided up throughout the week


***DAY I MEANT*****


If I was eating 350 grams of carbs I'd eat some in just about every meal I ate that day. Working with Shelby Starnes my high days were 7 meals, 6 of them having an appreciable amount of carbs.

Where did you get 350 grams from though?


Ezekiel bread, 15g carb/slice. Say you have 4 slices a day so...60g
Surge 50g
Rice: 1 cup cooked=45g. 3 cups= 180
Oatmeal 1 cup cooked= 25g, have 2 cups=50g

Breakfast: 2 cups oatmeal, bread 80g
Lunch, 2 cups rice and bread 120
Workout: 50g
PWO: 2 cups rice 90

total: 345


3000 calories is a high day 2700 low day.. 50protien 40carb 10 fat high day... 50 30 20 low day..


I am 5'10 178lb 27 male, lil bit of belly fat noticably on the sides.. I constantly underate for the longest time.. With my general break down of 1500-1800 day i play competitive soccer as well so it adds up. Looking to do a clean mainatince that sees my body fat % drop to 8-10% currently 12-15%. Was advised that i need to increase the calories in order to accomplish what i want..


I can destroy a box of spaghetti personally, so 8 cups of spaghetti spread throughout the day would be ~1700 Calories, 340g Carbs, 65g Protein. Just giving example of what 350g of carbs via spaghetti looks like.


Eating 350 grams of carbs in a day is a joke!

A large bagel contains 50+ grams and it's not even filling.

A cup of rice has 45 grams.

Two servings of oatmeal has 54 grams.

Raises have something like ~30 grams in a QUARTER cup.

Some breads have up to 30 grams in ONE slice!

Mid workout shakes can have 50 to 100 grams and you won't even feel it.