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Consumer Promotions?

We have all seen this. Click here to claim your free x-box360 and other things. Isnt that false advertisement? Ive filled out a couple servy’s, couldnt help myself. Never got anything. Whats the deal? Do they really work?

The one’s i’ve seen you have to fill out offers (mostly trials) for different companies. The deal is that if you fill out like, 2 promotions from a “basic” list, 2 promotions from a “silver” list, 2 promotions from a “gold” list, for a total of six promotions.

They make their money because they get people to sign up for stuff, and most people don’t sign up for all 6 total promotions, so they don’t have to ship anything out. Where’s the catch? Well, the basic list has like, 20 choices and it’s easy to sign up for netflix free trial, the silver list has like, 10 choices and maybe you sign up for a wine club, but the gold list has like, 3 choices, and it’s things like, “Sign up for auto insurance with company x”, “apply for a mortgage from company y”. Aye, there’s the rub.