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Consume Or Be Consumed (KD13)


Certainly getting a better understanding of how to move the pelvis into a neutral position without having to squeeze the hell out my glutes. Been trying to hold that position whilst standing at work today. Lower ab area started really tight and pulling sensation at the start of the day, now it’s not as apparent so I think it’s relaxed a bit. Like you say though transferring that to more difficult moves is going to be a slow step by step process.

One thing mentioned in the first Athelean video was stretching out the lower back, is that something that needs to be added in?

The more I look into this and the more I watch the videos, things I have complained about for years now make so much more sense. I’ve always complained of having tight hamstrings and poor flexibility in them, I’ve tried to fix them many times with stretching and it’s never made any difference. Now I know they are a symptom of the pelvic tilt and won’t get better until that’s better.

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Yes, exactly! Some muscles are uncomfortable, stiff, painful or “tight” because they are the symptom. They are stretched and pulled and lengthened by other muscles that are tight. Think of your lower abs and your hernias. With the bum stuck out the back and the ribs protruding forward, your abs were pulled out and stretched “long.” A little pressure in this lengthened condition tore them. Hamstrings are the same way. Tight muscles in the “front” get short and make your hams extra long.

Same thing with your lower back. Its usually tight “upper glutes” or other hip muscles pulling on your lower back. Sometimes just getting into a better position is enough to relax your lower back.

That said, the stretch that athelanX shows, with the toes lifted and the back arched feels pretty good and I do that often before working legs.

Another great thing from the Gorilla Zen video was when dude used that water bottle to “Roll Out” his T.F.L. . Many of the muscles we want to loosen up and stretch out in the front of your hips are small and dense. They lay over top of eachother and run in different directions. Sometimes ( maybe even most of the time) it’s easier to “Roll out” or “release” these muscles with rollers or rubber balls or even a water bottle like dude showed.

Do you have much experience “rolling out” with rollers and rubber balls?


A little, I do own a roller and have used it a few times. I did get it out the other day to copy the one in that vid.

Yes can see how that could happen. Not the case with mine though as I was born like it, it was more of an incomplete forming of the inguernal ring causing the hernia. So the repair surgeries I had was at 1 month old (repair and accidental severance of my vas). I have heard that certain repair methods can cause a lot of scar tissue.


Sorry man. I forgot about the specifics.

Anyway, I don’t want to overwhelm you, but here is more stuff.

This guy talks about the same pelvis-tipping issues that Reed brings up in his bracing video. Starrett blames it on a tight Psoas muscle, and shows how to “roll” it to release it.

This guy shows more ways to Roll, smash and release other tight tissues around your pelvis.

This guy shows you how to use stretching and stability exercises together. And how to move to the “edge” of your capacity and train there to teach your nervous system.

This guy shows how to use your hands to guide yourself into proper positions and movement.


Awesome, Will go over all that stuff and try it out.

Thanks again buddy.

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Jezuzzz @FlatsFarmer you’re on fire with your help lately
These instructions on hip and back pain have helped me immensely


@bigjez there is some great stuff to work on. I’m excited to hopefully fix this with @FlatsFarmer helping.

Back tonight.

chin up

db row
3x12 @ 24 kg (all about form)
2x10 @ 30kg (explosive)

banded trap bar
3x10 60kg + black (strongest individual band doubled over) would say it felt like 110-120kg at lock out)

2x20 same as above

back tri set
Rear delt fly
Face pull
Straight arm pull down

2 runs 20 reps per exercise.

This is how the trap bar is set up

Then this is how it’s set up for face pulls ect


How did lifting feel?

Were the chin ups also Hollow Body Holds, done with good pelvic tilt and lower ab control?

Did you hinge down with your hamstrings and drive with your glutes on the deads? Could you feel where you hips were at the top and the bottom of the lift? Did you have more leg drive?


My chins are always very controlled with the core held solid, currently doing them inside on a door frame bar, due to this I have to tuck my knees up and forward to not touch the floor. So yeah I would say I nailed that one.

I did consciously try and maintain position on the deads, think I need a bit more work on really getting that movement right and feeling confident my pelvis is right. I did really squeeze my glutes on the way up, them being a bit sore from yesterday’s exercises helped. I used the high handles so probably made it a bit easier to get right.

Early days so not expecting to get it nailed just yet but certainly paid it more attention. Currently trying out some release stuff, couldn’t find a hard enough ball so using a maraca!

Also a funny side note, I lay flat on my back and naturally paying no attention to pelvic position lifted my legs up about 45 degree with straight legs and held that position with no issue at all. The second I adjusted my pelvis into a neutral position I started shaking uncontrollably, it was crazy!


1st picture is my usual without thinking about it. Just getting down and picking up.

2nd picture is over exaggerated and it rounded my lower back, but was good to see what happened if I pushed my pelvis as far as I could tilt it.

3rd looks about right to me (what you think?) and felt good, tried to find a position that I was actively trying to get out of atp but still feel good whilst moving.

Tried the same thing with rdl but just couldn’t crack it.


Bicep and legs.

ez curl

spider curl

hammer curl
100 reps split up into sets, not sure how many but around 8 or 9

various squats and deadlift
Just playing with fixing that apt


3rd one looks pretty good. Sometimes its hard to tell what is exactly right, but it’s great that you’re gaining some control. Keep at it! You mentioned how the clam shells were tough for you. As you get better at using your glutes it will be easier to spread your knees and squat down “between” your legs instead of “folding up on top of them.” Once you get this, your knees won’t have to travel so far forward and keeping position will get smoother/easier and more natural. One step at a time!


Dunno, too mesmerized by #yearofthetricep

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You are looking at a potential winner of the Official
Trisformation 2019, #haterswillsayphotoshop.


Training and diet has been very poor due to a stressful few weeks. Will also be having surgery in 2 weeks time so may struggle to get back into the flow of things. Got a good session in today though.

super set 1
banded triceps extension + db hammer curl

super set 2
ez curl + triceps pull over extension

super set 3
flat bench fly + db bench press

incline squeeze press

Super set 4
Side lateral + front raise
3 reps side 3 reps front and repeat for 12 total reps on each exercise. 3 sets.

db shoulder press

db crucifix holds
See vid
5,223 Likes, 144 Comments - Joe Bennett (@hypertrophycoach) on Instagram: “There’s something about isometrics I love for metabolic/pump work for delts. Want something nasty…”
Great content from him, getting a lot of finisher/metabolic work from this page recently.

Also got some new dumbells

Slowly collecting them, before my wife is aware I will have a full rack!


Crucifix holds look cool.


chin up
4x8 + final set 6 middle range, 6 top range, 6 bottom range.

super set
incline bench db row + rear delt fly

Dorian deadlift

band cobra pull down

bent over row


Gotta love shiny new toys for the home gym!

Hope all is well man.


I have my eye on a couple of other bits too, few months time I will be back outside again though! Think I’m going to go in on a lot more sandbag and carries training this summer.

Hope all is well with you. Are you in on the transformation this year?

Edit just seen you posted pics up. Looking solid!

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@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar hope you don’t mind the tags.

Just wanted to know if you do much training with sand bags? I’m going to do a lot more strongman style stuff when I move back to training outside and thought a good heavy sand bag would make a nice addition. Do you guys have any thoughts on them or links to good articles?

I was thinking mostly using one for carrying, lifting to shoulder and kinda replicating lifting an atlas stone (I know it’s probably way different) so think I need one that’s pretty heavy.

Seen a bag with a 150kg weight capacity for around £50. My plan was to make 15 smaller bags of 10kg individually wrapped to be able to quickly adjust the weight for different exercises. I have 200kg of sand left over from a driveway project.