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Consume Fats-How Long After Post Workout?

I was just wondering how long after a workout you should wait before you supply your body with fats. The only fats i consume are from nuts, flax, fish, avacado, and I was wondering when im allowed to resume my intake of fats during my cutting cycle.

You are “allowed” to do whatever you want hah, but I would suggest, since you are cutting to just have carbs/protein PWO and then you can add in fats after that. When bulking I like to have the the first two meals after my workout strictly P+C, but if you are going for leanness I believe just immediately PWO you should avoid fats.

It is best to have most of your fats later in the day, PWO being the exception. Your PWO meal should ideally be P+C. It is perfectly fine to resume fat consumption starting with your next meal. Please note that P+C means that the majority of kcal should be from P+C, it does not mean that you should not eat any fats.

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You can consume it whenever you want. Work out, and if you’re on a low-carb diet that warrants having a fat-containing meal after a workout, go home, shower, and eat it!