"Consume Carbs Around the Workout" Template for Fat Loss

I have wholeheartedly bought into the consumption of carbs around the workout for fat loss (and ultimately optimal performance). As such, I find that it is difficult to keep calories high with the cut in carbs, even though it isn’t too dramatic as of right now. Filling up the rest with fats is difficult as the most convenient sources (peanut butter, olive oil, nuts) are apparently NOT the best fats to consume (as I’ve previously read in one of the highlight articles this week).

Now, my main question is this:

to help boost calories at the start of my day, how advisable is it to consume some carbs first thing in the morning, along with a good amount of protein? My current macro breakdown for my breakfast is:

13 g fat
40 g carb
60 g pro

Yet, we should strive for carbs ONLY around the workout, yes? Are those 40g really going to diminish any benefit from the previously explained template?

I am at work with little time to edit for clarity–hopefully I’ve made myself clear. Much thanks.

Hey Man

What is your current BF %? I find for fat loss that skipping carbs in the morning is the most ideal. Youre just waking up and growth hormone is at its highest (will utilize fat cells for energy) and blood sugar levels are low…Unless you’re training immediately after breakfast there is no reason to spike insulin immediately after waking. Spiking insulin is necessary to drive nutrients into muscles and give you energy-hence carbs + protein after post workout or light carbs before workout for energy to lift heavier/longer.

That whole industry BS about needing carbs for energy upon waking is garbage bro. I do fasted cardio at 6 am, have some BCAAS after and dont even have my first light meal until noon (maybe 30-40g carbs involved) , then do some form of MMA about an hour after that, then after boxing or jujitsu training ill have another meal that is usually 60-100 grams carbs then 5-6 hours later im strength training and after slamming weight ill load up on carbs + protein to replace glycogen and fuel the next mornings fasted workout.

Even if you’re just weight training and adding in some cardio after, id push the carbs later into the day as either a pre workout meal or if you’re mentally tough enough, save them until a post workout meal. Id bet you have enough glycogen in your muscles from the night before to fuel today’s workout. Carbs before workout arent absolutely ‘necessary.’

If you ‘think’ skipping carbs for breakfast is causing you to have low energy, sip some black coffee or add a splash of cream and a pack or 2 of no cal sweetener. Be careful on how much sweetener as most are dextrose- and dextrose will cause insulin spike.
Gist of this all: For fat loss, unless you’re training an hour or so after breakfast, push your carbs later into the day when your body will utilize them for energy and repair. Otherwise your body will put them to rest…AS FAT

forgot to mention: If you’re looking to keep cals high and carbs low: foods like avocado, flax seed, chiA seeds, almonds, walnuts–Are high cals and mostly fibrous carbs. When youre not eating carbs or having meals outside of pre/post workout, those foods are great for energy and calorie loading