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Consulting For TRT Plan?

Newbie here, checked out rules hoping not to break any of them here. Also did a fair bit of reading about cases, issues, recommendations.

Long story short, 45 years old, healthy (minus some reduced thyroid function), physically active, gym, etc. Being prodded by a friend who looooves his TRT to get on it. Fairly recent blood panel indicates higher end of normal testosterone (I know, doesn’t in any way pass the scrutiny and details discussed here, just had a very general peak at that).

Friends main thing with TRT is huge gym performance increase. Which … sure, that’s a bit tempting. At the same time apprehensive about starting to mess with the endocrine system and possibly end up having a serious project going on trying to balance everything.

I travel a lot, live in an off-grid jungle, generally availability of advanced blood testing and things, not always the best. Also busy with work and running a large online community (about eyesight).

Wondering if it would be feasible / appropriate to retain some paid advice with a possible TRT program. I know, obviously. Not medical advice. Having reversed my myopia and dealing with people, fully aware of limitations. More though hoping to have a bit of a ‘coach’ type scenario to not be digging through forum posts and wondering about the quality of advice, just being able to do labs and get feedback, somebody who then knows where I’m at and what I need.

Possible? Please take it easy on me with criticism, just a question whether this may be a usable scenario. Thanks!

My email is in my bio. I’d be happy to help here or via email if it’s something I can help you with (for free obviously).

What’s the exact number and what are the lab ranges?


You’d be in good hands with @dextermorgan… My inbox is a disaster right now lol


I agree with @dbossa. @dextermorgan is perfectly capable and very intelligent.

I will add this…

If you have Total and Free T lab numbers that are within decent parameters, then don’t start screwing around with your endocrine system. TRT is NOT steroid cycles. This is a LIFE LONG commitment. Don’t start until it’s necessary.

That said, if you want to try running a steroid cycle and then do pct, that’s a whole other ball of wax. The guys in Pharma can help you better than we can. Myself in particular, I have zero knowledge when it comes to supraphysiological dosages.

You’d be surprised how much you can achieve with “normal” natural levels, and the proper diet and a correctly performed routine.

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Yea this has also been on my mind. Don’t like messing with things this complex, especially when they seem to be working.

On the flip side, definitely noting how some things are changing. Belly fat, even just vaguely contemplating eating some carbs. Recovery a bit slower (kitesurfing sessions, definitely taking longer to get back to full normal than 5 years ago). That and sometimes it’s hard to know what “normal” really is, without some context - maybe I’m a grouchy old man and just not even realizing it?