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Consult Defy Labs or PhysioLojik?

I am trying to decide who would be best to consult , I have mailed physioLojik and defy labs for my low T problems .

PhysioLojik is charging 500$ for initial and post consultation which is quite a bit as I am from India .

Which doc do you guys recommend defy labs or physioLojik or should I go for a local endo since I am from India it’s not a problem but they might not be competent in TRT.??


Physiolojik is very competent, and I doubt Defy is going to be cheaper.

physio because he understands how it should be.

Also after reading all the articles on the forum and with the help of forum members and my local docs etc …do you think it is really needed or worth it to consult defy or physioLojik ???as their fee is REALLY REALLY high compared to Indian endo docs who charge average 8$ a consultation

In India I can get all the hormones otc I need and docs are easy to access etc

If reallyyyy required to consult defy or physioLojik for tweaking the TRT ata later stage maybe I can consult them later IF it is very very important.

What do you guys think?

Defy will be cheaper and Dr. Saya is a leader in the field of TRT and has a lot of experience. He has treated over 10,000 patients on TRT.

My initial consultation fee was only $250.

I am curious, how old is Dr. Saya and how long has he been in the TRT practice? What makes someone a “leader” in any field?

It sounds as though you have not tried anyone locally and if so, I would go that route first. You could ask around and see if someone can refer you to a knowledgeable doctor. Do some homework going in and come across as a knowledgeable and informed patient.

His receding hairline is a clue to his age, used to be an endo in managed healthcare and got out because he knew he couldn’t help people in “sick care”. Dr. Saya has published some impressive papers on estrogen’s effects on HPTA downregulation in men not on TRT who he has seen in his practice.

You guys are not going to believe this. But go with defy

This is possible too. Research - call the drs office see if they do trt and try. Call around you b will get an idea when you speak with the office

You do not know his age or how long he has been in practice then? How do you know he has seen over 10,000 patients?

That sounds interesting, would you provide a link to them?

It’s littered all over Excelmale, you’re welcome to have a look for yourself.

Go to Tab Home–> “Latest Articles”.

Thanks, I saw some youtube links and brief articles. I thought you were speaking of papers (research) published in peer reviewed medical journals.

If I go with defy labs will they insist on adding HCG to my TRT protocol???
I was thinking of doing just test enanthate 100mg/e5d with later nolvadex if needed

Physio has 2 full 1500+ post threads where he answered questions for free for a year or more. Not just the usual E2 or should I lower my dose questions but full on thyroid, ED, brain chemistry, interactions, etc and all with studies to back up the claims. $500 for direct access to a knowledgeable endo in the field doesn’t seem out of line to me. I seriously doubt physio reached out to that guy. I guarantee he reached out to physio (who no longer has time to be on the forum) and $500 is what it takes for it to be worth it for him.

Not sure about Dr Saya but physio is a 270 lb bodybuilder/endo who has more than proven his knowledge on here and I’m as sceptical as one can be about anything I read.

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What they send you, and what you actually use, are two completely different things. I do not believe that they do a lot of insisting, but they like to make things available at your option.

Do you think adding HCG to TRT is beneficial apart from the fertility aspect ?
As I keep reading contradicting things about it

I think it depends on the individual, but should never happen right out of the gate. If you want to try it, wait until you know what the test does to you first.

Read the thread about why to use hcg. Good place to start. Although it’s great to read up on dosing and what to expect, in the end you no never know how it will affect you until you try it. It makes sense to get trt dialed in first before trying it though so you know what to attribute to the hcg.

Can you please link to it ?