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Constructive Thoughts for the Type 1A?

Hi coach,

Nvm, took the test, results below

If you’ve read CT’s forum for any amount of time, you know he does not have time to read a wall of text. (I’m not sure anyone will read ALL that!)
You need to get to the point much more succinctly.
Not being a prick, just giving you a heads up.

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I write walls of text because my job is to help people out and I want to give them as much info as possible. But I’m said numerous times that I won’t normally read posts that are too long because of time constraints and mentally it just annoys me. Instead of making it a huge text with a complete discussion, pick the ONE thing that is the most important and ask about it. As the discussion develops you’ll be able to ask about the other stuff. I really do want to help people out, but when I see that much text it just kills my motivation. I’m sorry if it makes me look like an asshole, I’m really not. But that’s how my brain works.


Understood - my bad, let’s trim more :slight_smile:

So the 2 main questions:

  • what do the blood works look like for your type 1A guys with the very high protein %? I’m definitely a protein junkie rather than a carb addict. There isn’t enough steak, ever. Thus confirming the dopamine vs serotonin requirements, but my lipids come back better on a 60% carbs diet, which goes with the pretty high insulin sensitivity

  • what’s your thoughts on a Wendler 531 template where the big 4 slightly change every 3 weeks. Basically no reload. And a boring but strong assistance template with the 10 sets of 5 split over 2-3 exercises? I’m torn between this way of training and an upper/lower split, 3x a week each.

Well I doubt that the problem is protein, it is likely the high fat content. You can go with a high protein diet but having more carbs, less fats and selecting leaner cuts. You don’t have to go low carbs if you are a type1A.

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Well Wendler’s program work great for a 1A (Jim is a 1A). It is percent based, which normally doesn’t go well with a 1A BUT the fact that you go all-out on that last set and try to do as many reps as you can make the workout more of a challenge/competition and fits the 1A well. It is also low in volume which works well for a 1A.

The boring but strong has some good 1A characteristics BUT it is too much volume for a 1A. I like the sets of 5 on the same exercise, that works well for a 1A. But I’d do 6 sets instead of 10.


It took me a while to finally do the test but let’s just say I wasn’t in the best state of mind + I wanted to combine it with some DNA testing. It turns out that my ACTN3 gene is mixed type and I’m a “hunter gatherer” type when it comes to glucose transport meaning - not so good at it. Indeed thriving on the high lean protein and moderate carbs and fats diet. A couple of bananas, MCT oil and whey protein is great during + post workout IME.

Is there anything that seems odd regarding the results of the test? I’m not sure what’s “average”. Looking at type 3 being a fairly bit higher than type 2s, but that could be because I’ve been under a shitload of stress for the last 5 years and life’s only been getting better very recently.

1A 1B 2A 2B 3
56 13 26 11 41 “main”
16 20 8 30 0 “secondary”
25 29 10 13 21 “other”
97 62 44 54 62 TOTAL

That’s actually a fairly typical “non-asshole” 1A profile. Type 3 can be high in Type 1A because they are so goal driven that they often learn to develop habits to help them succeed. Furthermore both types 1A and 3 are lower in serotonin (GABA is their main inhibitory neurotransmitters, which explains in large part why their personality pretty much never changes depending on the situation).

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Really makes a ton of sense. Been fantastic reading your inputs here or in other threads that I’m stalking every now and again. Thank you for that!