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Constructive Critique on a Danish Dude


Hi guys!

I figured that some of you could give me som helpful pointers on my full body WO schedule, which I've listed below:

- Incline dumbbell press:
- Dumbbell flyes

- Lat pull down
- Pull up's (close, supinated grip)

- Dumbbell shoulder press
- Lateral raises
- Back flyes

- Dips
- Cable rope ext. upwards
- Cable push downs

- Dumbbell bicep curls
- Barbell bicep curls

NOTE 1: I'm currently following my on regime consisting of:
3 weeks of 3 sets of 8 reps in each exercise (maybe 4 sets in chest/back). Then by the 4th week I'm considering doing 3 sets of 12 reps... afterwards returning to the same 3 weeks with 3 sets of 8 reps. The next coming 4th week I'll then do 3 sets of 4-6 reps and then do the cycle over again.

NOTE 2: I aim on doing only 30sec to a minut between each set. Then 2-3 minutes between exercises.

NOTE 3: I'm of course going to cycle different exercises though insisting on keeping "dips".

NOTE 4: I'm currently weighing in at 108kg with aproximately 15-16 BF%, 183cm and 26 years of age. My calories will consist of circa 3000 calories on training days consisting of circa 300g of protein, 250g of carbs and 80-100g of healthy fats. On resting days I'll drop 50g of carbs going for 2800 calories.

NOTE 5: I'm aiming at doing a minimum of 2-3 days consisting of 30min. moderate to high intensity cardio WO's like cycling or running (interval).


are you in a wheel chair or some sort of war amp? possibly a pirate? cuz either you have legs but they dont work, you dont have legs, they are made of wood and you say YAAARRRR a lot, or you forgot to add them to your routine.


Whaoo.... Very constructive indeed. Thank you for that comment.

Did you even bother to read the whole post? Because as I clearly explained, I was gonna dó a minimum of 2-3 days of moderate to high intensity cardio vascular activity on my "resting/ no WO" days. The reason for this particular way of planning is determined by multiple factors: 1) I'm a newly DAD, 2) My work and 3) My wife won't let me WO in my traditional 3 day split regime, in which I regularly did legs and shulders on the 3rd day.

Again... Constructive critique and suggestions on the WO rutine and the "NOTES" are very much appreciated!


doesn't matter what your cardio routine is, if you're not working legs then what would be the point behind your training. not trying to be a dick, but do you just want to look massive or do you want to be massive...what's your end goal. you sound like a lot of "monday warriors" who do a lot of chest and arms to try and look big but have no wheels to go with it.

i understand if you're pressed for time and everything else, but don't take out legs cause you can't show them off in a sleeveless t-shirt. read this article,( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/531_reloaded ) sure it's new on the site but Wendler talks about if you're hard pressed and only have 2 days to lift.

It even talks about the conditioning work you mentioned you could do 2-3 days a week. worst thing you could do to yourself in terms of lean muscle mass/metabolism is not work the biggest muscle group in your body, and thinking cardio will suffice. sorry if it came off as dick-ish, but read the article and try tweeking your workout around the big 3, and don't focus so much on "assistance work".


absolutely i read the whole post. im sorry i didnt catch that cardio is all of a sudden considered leg day? in my opinion, telling you to do legs when you clearly did not have a leg day is constructive. but i still dont understand your fuckin excuses for not doing them.

you can do high intensity cardio 2-3 days a week but because of your job, your kid and your wife you cant do legs?


Whiteboiflip and Actionboy:

Are you guys seriously pointing out, that high intensity spinning/running isn't sufficient enough? Have you tried running for 30min with out breaks? This i indeed a good leg WO - and I my opinion a good substitute. Some days I probably could do some bodyweight squats and lounges at home... but I do prefer running.

And btw... my legs are 70cm (27,5 inches) - ergo... I don't personally think my legs are to small. And they match my 18" inch arms. This isn't a problem for me personally.

Drop the boyish smart ass attitude... my god! Instead... try using your brain to figure out, that spinning/running can be done from our home adress versus a 15min drive to the Fitness Center, 30-40min leg routine and then 15min back again. Do the math or do I need to do it for you?

I appreciate the thoughts... but I was mostly interested in comments on the constrution of the full body WO routine - specifically doing something instead or in a different order - that kind of thing.



Yes. Back when I had tiny legs.

No, running is not a good substitute for weight training your legs if you want to build muscle. If it were, marathon runners would have huge legs.



Point taken... of course heavy weight training is the way to go if I wanted to gain som serious mass on my legs - but I'm quite satisfied with my 27,5 inches. I'm aiming to keep my muscle mass, maybe gain a couple of lean mass and drop 5kg of BF. This is my main goal.

Do you have any comments on the FBWO routine? Anything would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


1) no, running is not good enough.
2) a full body routine includes legs.
3) your wife wont let you train legs? did i read that correctly?
4) a full body routine includes legs
5) Here is a full body routine - Standing Military, Weighted Pushups, Deadlifts, Pullups. Switch Deadlifts with Squats each day. Win.


Well, it isn't really full body, cause you aren't hitting legs, but that aside:

Your back training looks bad. Drop one of your 2 lat movements and add a row and probably a shrug. It would probably be a good idea to do something for your lower back and core in general too.

You have nothing in there for middle back, lower back, or traps.


Easily solved by deadlifting.



My WO routine is just a "sketch"... :slight_smile:


First of... why this specific sequence?

Secondly... I'm currently switching between standing military presses with either dumbbells or barbell with a secondary focus of strengthening my core at the same time.

Thirdly... Weighted push ups? Seriously? Instead of what I've already mentioned in my sketch?

--> Do you have any suggestions on my sequence of exercises?


What if I were to add another exercise for my back (seated/bent over row OR deadlift), should I do this as a first for my back? Also would I have to cut back on a biceps exercise?

This debat is exactly what I was hopeing for. Thanks...


IF you have 27.5" legs, surely you KNOW that fucking spinning classes wont maintain any form of lowerbody strength

Dixies - thats a sweet programme





Point taken... of course heavy weight training is the way to go if I wanted to gain som serious mass on my legs - but I'm quite satisfied with my 27,5 inches. I'm aiming to keep my muscle mass, maybe gain a couple of lean mass and drop 5kg of BF. This is my main goal.

Do you have any comments on the FBWO routine? Anything would be appreciated. :)"

--> Of course I'm aware that spinning can't keep up with heavy weight training - but it's a start for now. BTW... do you have any other comments on my routine sketch?


NOTE: Though this is totally irrelevant... my quad's are 68cm... that being 26,7 inches. Just measured. :slight_smile:


theres nothing i can say that hasnt been said by dixiesfinest



So you don't have any comments to the following qoute?:


Saa du vil kun tabe dig lidt? Saa traen dine ben. Squats og deadlifts. De to oevelser forbraender en massiv maengde kalorier og bruger en enorm maengde muskelgrupper.

De lyder arrogante fordi du opfoerer dig som stereotypen af en dum vaegtloefter, som der konstant laves grin med herinde; en fyr der naesten kun traener bryst og arme og ikke gider lytte til hvad mere erfarne folk siger. Lyt til dem, goer hvad de siger og saa opnaer du dine maal, lige meget hvad de er, meget hurtigere.

Basically; squats and deadlifts.


^this. you need a legs day. focus on the big three and put in extra shit like curls if need be (everyone wants to curl). and i have never heard of someone who wants to lift coveting lance armstrongs legs, so no spin class isn't enough. but if you must do conditioning and want to fight the legs battle, then push a car, similar to the prowler in the sense that it will work the quads quite nicely, and pull it while standing upright to get the hammies screaming.

on a side note i have ran for well over 30 minutes without having kai greene wheels


Surely the point of coming to the beginners' forum is to make sure your basics are all covered? Everybody is telling you you need to include a leg day (a heavy leg day) because it's obvious...and you're telling them you can get by with spin class? Ridiculous.

Why ask for a critique and then come back with a damp squib of a response (re: 30 min run) when people point out the blindingly obvious flaw?

EDIT: And stop telling everyone how big your thighs are. 27 inches isn't big.