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Constructive Criticism


What's going on you guys? I've been lifting for awhile now and dieting keeping the bulk pretty clean. In the last year I've managed to pack on 10lbs. I've maintained my body fat pretty well while gaining vascularity.

I'm really looking for feedback from you bigger guys to tell me what muscles I'm lacking or need to improve. Current stats: height 5'7 1/2 , weight: 146 lbs. bf: 6-8%. Ppl tell me to bulk dirty but I've heard a lot of mixed things. What do you guys think?

Also my lifting stats currently are bench: 225x3, squat 265x5, dead lift 225x10. I haven't maxed out in about six months but I am planning too soon.

Here is my 11 month transformation from 135 to 146. I know I'm far from anything intimidating but that's what I'm here for. I've been lifting since I was 14 starting at 105 lbs. My father was a power lifter back in the day and he introduced me to lifting when I was old enough. He wouldn't let me lift when I was young, I was limited to exercise bands and push-ups/pull ups. Since I started college I'm a full time student and prep my meals the night before so I have my calories throughout the day.

Also, any recommendations on sleep aid and recovery?