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Constructive Criticism Wanted


i have been lifting on and off for two years but i have only started training seriously for 6 months now. i train mostly with pushups, pullups and dips but i also lift free weights now and again.


my stats: 6 foot 2 inches, 94 kgs, 21 years old.

Nutrition: eggs, bread, cheese, milk, pasta, beef, chicken, rice and i also love chocolate and kfc.

i don't take supplements. I hate protein shakes. They are important for size, but only while they are taken. As soon as i would stop the muscles would go soft and flabby and would lose the hardness. So i stick to natural.


By saying that, are you implying that shakes are unnatural?


Yeah, dude! They shrink your balls too!


Soft and flabby???

What are you on about?

if you train hard and want growth and mass you need your protein,protein drinks are ideal to get the minimum amount into your diet.

If you stop training then your muscles will shrink,but it has nothing to do with protein drinks.

Try studying before you make daft observations like what you wrote...please!


no i was just saying that i don't like them. we all have our opinions for fucks sake


it's my opinion and i have the right to believe in it. It's not like i said that you guys are idiots for using it and that it doesn;t work at all. I just told you that i don;t like using it and why. If you make a big deal out of it, then you guys have problems. I can say what the hell i want to say. It's not even the point of this post anyway


You'd do real well if you decided to lift weights consistently.

You'd also do well if you put aside your ill-conceived opinions about nutrition and muscle development.

You didn't mention anything for your legs, so I'm going to speculate they are skinny.

You have potential. That's about it.


Its you that is getting all worked up about nothing.

U said you dont believe in and know about protein supps/facts ,then maybe this is not the sport for you.

If you can't take criticism then get outta here.


You need to put forth consistent effort.

Eat whatever the hell you want.


Feel like ur rating of 1.2 is a little low... prolly more like a 2.5 but ur prolly getting lower scores because u said something stupid

"hey are important for size, but only while they are taken. As soon as i would stop the muscles would go soft and flabby and would lose the hardness. So i stick to natural"

Then defended ur idiotic statment with an idiotic explanation "no i was just saying that i don't like them." which is not infact all u had said

Then went on with a bitchy childish rant after ppl called u out on not knowing what u were talking about

This is why i think ur score is about 1-1.5 points lower than what it should be. Ur stomach is also pretty flabby


I say more power to you for not using protein powder. Years of literature and real world example really shouldn't be taken into account when you decide to start lifting. By using protein supplements a few bad things could happen:

  1. You could possibly grow out of control until you are freakishly large simply by accident. Many people don't realize how careful they should be once they decide to start using protein. To anyone reading I recommend that if you absolutely must use protein you get yourself to a doctor and let them clear you first. You can never be too careful.

  2. Using protein is a slippery slope towards using other supplements like creatine which have actually killed people before, not to mention the damage it can have on your teeth.

  3. You might reach your goals too fast. Many people will tell you that the journey is the most important part. By not using protein you can extend the journey indefinitely. Destination be damned!

In conclusion: Don't listen to these punk telling you that you're wrong. You know what you're doing and these people just don't understand. They rely on science and experience, but you have your opinion and we all know that that is more reliable.

Good luck to you my friend. May the wind always be at your back and the sun on your face.


Oh man, give the guy a break. He posts on here not to get absorbed in a meaningless debate over protein shakes, but to get some meaningful feedback. If he doesnt want to take a goddam shake then who the fuck cares?? Besides a cluster fuck of shake nazis.

To the OP, what are your goals? Are you training for size, for athletics etc? Always start with goals. If you dont have a goal then no one can help you, and you become fodder for internet shake piranha.


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