Constructive Criticism on Hybrid Routine

Im basically intermediate level lifter as far as strength and power. This is the first real program I’ve sat down to write out. Started this routine a week ago after a layoff from a move. Im not looking to be shot down just general ideas if it sounds like a decent program for intermediate hybrid. Kinda P.H.A.T-ish, Waterbury-ish, but not totally like anything. Here it is…

Mon. Bench 10x3@75% +5#s a week dropping all failed sets
Military Press. 4x4-6
Chest Iso. 4x8-10
Delt Iso. 4x8-10
Tricep Iso 4x8-10

Tue. High Pull 10x3@75%(Same as bench)
T-Bar Row. 4x4-6
Lat Iso. 4x8-10
Bicep Iso. 4x8-10
Rear Delt . 4x8-10

Wed. Squat (same as bench)
Hip Thrust. 4x4-6
Leg Extension. 4x10-12
Calve Iso. 4x12-15
Glute/Ham Iso. 4x10-12


Fri. Bench. 6-8x3@75% (speed day)
High Pull. 6-8x3@75%
Push/Pull superset 2x10-15
Bi/Tricep superset 3x10-15

Sat. Deadlift up to 2RM alternate rack pulls or other variations each week
Squat. 6-8x2@75% (speed day)
Calve Iso. 3x10-15
Farmers walks

Way too much “stuff”. Simple and heavy works.

Main movement (squat, bench, DL)
Assistance 0-2 movements

Yes really looks that way like this. 5 exercises per day , 4 on speed days. When you take the total its like 4 direct per chest,legs,etc and 2 direct arm. Its really mild compared to many hybrid programs. I suppose i could knock out lats and biceps with DB rows one day and do incline DB for delt and chest isolation. I dont have to have 50 billion movements but a curls and calve movements seem to spur even more growth

You are doing bench 10x3@75% one day and then doing 6-8x3@75% on speed day? Its the same percentage and rep scheme? Are you just planning on lifting it really slow one day and fast the other? What do you hope to accomplish with that? The squat is set up similar as well?