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Constructive Criticism Much Appreciated

Finally decided to join the forums and this awesome community, been floating around the articles for quite some time :muscle:t5:

Brief history: started lifting about 6 years ago on/off
Used to be on the heavy side so once I started seeing results I little by little got hooked, lately Iv been contemplating competing just for the experience, (noob personal trainer) figured the experience would grant much needed wisdom in this world.

Picture on the LEFT was taken TODAY
Picture on the RGHT was taken Jan.3.2017!


Both taken today haha just added them both

What are you thinking of competing in? Physique? Classic?

Probably a combination of not posing and your height but in the pics you look rather narrow or maybe back/lats are legit lacking.

Also probably just due to your height and how difficult is for taller dudes to fill out you probably just need more mass all over while retaining your aesthetic ratios.

Back Angle?
Lifts e.g. Bench, squat, deadlift etc.

Height 6’2
Weight 207lbs

Im thinking more of competing classic, can’t see myself leaning out more, and I know it’s one I’ll have to really be disciplined for and strategic with
Not thinking of competing anytime soon, so I’ll have enough time to build up mass
As far as my back , I legit started training back this year
I kinda went Years with minimal back training, totally lagging

Deadlift: 5rm 405lb
Squat: 5rm 315lb
Bench: 5rm 245lb

Used to play basketball so a lot of my years have been transitioning between weight lifting and basketball so I’ll have months where I just burn up all the gains due to lack of diet
Kinda been developing slowly, need to take it to the next level

You’re picking the harder path mane but there’s fun in that too. Get bigger and stronger everywhere (srs… everywhere) and prioritise back to balance out your physique.

For back focus on progressively overloading not just the weight but volume etc. Keep deadlifting, add in vertical and horizontal pulling variations that you like and progress all of them. ez

Diet too. Will probably need a good massing phase in you before thinking of anything else so just eat big consistently and you’ll grow.

Not all relevant but some others and me wrote some useful points in this thread:

Do you mean for competing? If so, you’ve a good bit ahead of you before you are stage lean. You have a good base, definitely work on the quads and back, and I’m assuming your hamstrings and calves as well.

Also, stop training your obliques. They’ll make you look less impressive as far as your V and X taper go.