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Constructive Criticism Appreciated

Im a new user of T-Nation forums, but have been a fan of the site for over two years now. I’ve been training for bodybuilding for just over two years, but have been in the weight room for seven years total. I’ve competed three times and am always improving. I would appreciate any constructive criticism regarding my physique. I apologize ahead of time a few of my pics are competition pics and they are a tad blurry.
I won my first two teenage division competitions two years ago and in my latest contest placed 3rd in novice. I felt I could have made quite a few improvements in condition this time around.
I’m looking for criticism as far as structure and lagging body parts goes… what should I concentrate on most?

My stats are:
22yrs old, 5’10’’
Contest weight:175-188 (past two years)
Current weight:206
Deadlift:405(double, havent maxed out in a year or so)

Quads, two weeks before last competition.

Here’s a good shot showing my condition two years ago… I didn’t get my hands on professional shots from my past show… but you get the idea.

Side leg, one year ago.

sorry but you haven’t submitted a single picture that is useful in giving a critique. They are either too blurry, off angle or for example the leg closeups, there is no relevance to the rest of your body, an camera angles are distorting what we are seeing.

I understand sir, I will get some fuller shots up asap. These were just ones I had readily available on my new computer. More soon…