Constructive Criticism After TBT

so im just about coming to a close in Chad Waterbury’s TBT 2 month program ( )
ive gained a lot of strength, gained some size but im not as lean as i would’ve hoped (im on a bulk)
here are some pictures taken just now, and im just wondering from you guys if it appears i have more fat than muscle
in the past 2 months ive gained about 10-12 pounds

heres another:

how are we supposed to tell if u gained muscle without before pics… haha and what were your begining and present lifting stats?

Congratulations on training for two months!

Good news is you haven’t maxed out. There’s still room for improvement pretty much everywhere. You’re still a really skinny dude. Keep training.

Why no pics of your glutes?

You probably need to gain 20 - 30 more pounds. You’re a good candidate for Rippetoes or StrongLifts. Squat, squat, squat.

Twelve pounds in two months? Sounds like solid progress. Keep it up. Worry about fat later. Seriously. If I need to, I’ll quote PX at you.

Or, if you insist, do this: take a tape measure, and measure the circumference around your belly-button. Then keep doing what you’re doing for a month. In a month, measure again. Then you’ll have some hard evidence of how much of what you’ve gained is fat, and whether that’s an acceptable ratio.